Animal Anti-Cruelty League Wish Lists

Johannesburg Wish List.


Items requested

Reason for request


Funding (approximately R20 000.00) of Educational material development and production and printing of this for use in schools and for the general public.

Our current material is old and needs a facelift and we also wish to develop new material.


1. Hosepipes
2. Hosepipe connector
3. Wheel barrows
4. Buckets 20 litres to 25 litres
5. Plastic cat litter trays
6. Stainless steel bowls
7. Hand pump bottles for liquid hand soap in kennels and cattery (200ml to 500ml)
8. Spray bottles for disinfection liquid (200ml to 500ml)
9. Hard bristle brooms
10. Soft bristle brooms
11. Mops
12. Tin openers
13. Feather dusters
14. Blankets
15. Tin food
16. Cat sachets
17. Locks
18. Black Bags

1. Cleaning of kennels

3. Use during feeding time for the bowls
4. Cleaning of kennel
5. For the cattery
6. Small to large






16. Kittens
17. To lock up our kennels at night…the ones we use is about 3cm by 3cm


Catch nets for cats

Assist the inspectors to catch and handle cats, especially if semi-feral or feral or when very scared in certain situations they find themselves in.


Dash cameras

To view how vehicles (our assets) are being used and to check if the driver is following the rules of the road and performing their job correctly. in.


1. 21g x 1” needles
2. 1ml or 2ml syringes
3. 3ml syringes
4. 5ml syringes
5. 10ml syringes
6. 20ml syringes
7. 100x100x8ply guaze swabs
8. 20drops/ml administration sets
9. 60 drops/ml administration sets
10. 500g cotton wool

These consumables are used on a daily basis is our hospital. We do not reuse these items.

11. Dog and cat vaccinations
12. Rabies vaccinations
13. Dog and cat dewormers

These are used extensively on our mobile clinic, and in the kennels and cattery to keep the animals in our care healthy.

Cape Town Wish list

Donations of petfood particularly, have dropped off significantly and we really do need your help. If you are able to assist with a donation of any of the following, we would be extremely grateful :

  • Puppy Chicken and Rice Husky Tins
  • Kitten Whiskas dry food
  • Dog toys (strong balls, ropes, chewable stuff)
  • Outdoor roller blinds for cattery
  • Flea treatment (Frontline, Advantix, Certifect, Revolution)
  • Leads (new or used)
  • Collars (new or used)
  • Strong shelving and brackets
  • Gumboots sizes 7 to 10
  • Filing cupboard

Any support you can provide, would be highly appreciated.

Please call (021)  534 6426/7 to arrange collection.

Thank you.