At their annual Markdag recently, the Grade 4 learners from Trinityhouse Preparatory in Randpark raised a whopping R30 000 donation for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League-Johannesburg. It is the 16th consecutive year that the Grade 4 learners from Trinityhouse Prep has been supporting the AACL-JHB.

Furthermore, is it incredible to note that the cumulative total to the AACL-JHB for the past sixteen years, amounts to an unbelievable R277 064-00!

It was thus a very special occasion when the Grade 4 learners and their teachers visited the AACL-Johannesburg on the 19th June 2019.

We cannot express enough our gratitude to Trinityhouse Randpark Preparatory, for their outstanding loyalty and exceptional contribution to the work of the AACL-JHB.  We realize just how very blessed we are to have you on our side.

The children and their teachers enjoyed a tour of our facilities, interacted with some of the animals, were given a talk by the AACL education officer and kennel staff and in this way, could learn much more about topics related to animal welfare.

Afterwards the children were treated to a surprise when each delighted learner received a cold drink and delicious hotdog as a small token of the AACL-JHB’s appreciation.

The AACL-JHB has thus decided to award Trinityhouse Preparatory their “Kind Cup” floating trophy for the 16th year running. This award is annually presented to a school that has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to the AACL-JHB during the year. Congratulations and thank you Trinityhouse Preparatory! We appreciate your hard work and kindness. Your donation unquestionably makes a difference in the lives of the hundreds of needy animals in the AACL-JHB’s care.