Where stray animals are taken in or animals are removed from their owners, the League will, wherever possible, provide the necessary care and attention to fully rehabilitate these animals for future adoption.  In many cases, where females have produced unwanted puppies and kittens, the mother is sterilised and returned home.  The babies are removed, nursed to full health, socialised and offered for adoption.  All homes are inspected to ensure that animals are being adopted into caring, safe and happy homes, with follow-up inspections undertaken thereafter.

An example of our rehabilitation work is the story of Spirit.  Spirit was reported scavenging near an informal settlement in Durban North.  It was difficult to catch her, as she kept running away through fear.  However, with gentle determination, she was eventually picked up by the AACL Durban Inspectors and taken to the vet for diagnosis.  She had infectious mange, was suffering from severe malnutrition, biliary and coccidia.  As her medical treatment continued, her demeanour softened and she became the sweetest, friendliest pooch.  She was adopted by a wonderfully kind lady and got to live the life of love and happiness that every animal deserves.

Spirit Before

Spirit During Rehab

Spirit After


We believe every animal deserves a loving home and we are extremely active in rehoming our rescued animals.  We have a very strict adoption process and an adoption fee is applicable.

The adoption process entails the following:

  • On seeking to adopt a pet, first consider what type of pet you are looking for, taking into account size, breed, looks, etc.  We would suggest that you first pay us a visit to view the animals in our care.  Alternatively, go to our gallery and view the rescue animals in our care to give you an idea of some of the animals that need good homes.
  • A house inspection is then undertaken by AACL personnel to check that the property is secure and has enough space and suitable shelter.
  • If all pertinent safety points are found to be satisfactory, the animal will be taken to the home and observed during the settling-in period, especially if there needs to be any integration with other animals on the property.
  • A follow-up inspection is undertaken within the next month.