Whiskas Kitten Ocean Pleasures Dry Cat Food

R70.00 inc. Vat

What’s in the nuggets?
-Prebiotics, Boosting her immune systempromoting healthy digestion
-DHA, Making her even more smart,combination of proteinfats that aids in brain development
-Protein, High protein content to growdevelopMineralsA boost for her immune system, keeping her fit inside out
-Vitamins, Just the right balance to keep kitty healthy
-Calcium, very important to keep bones and teeth grow strong and healthy

Nutritional Information:
-Protein: 320g/kg (min)
-Moisture: 100g/kg (max)
-Fat: 120g/kg (min)
-Fibre: 25g/kg (max)
-Ash: 70g/kg (max)
-Calcium: 10 (min)

All our product brands carry 100% money back guarantee should your pet show any negative symptoms following eating, or should there be a problem with the quality of the food.The only catch you must still have the original packaging bag so that the manufacturer is able to trace the batch number and any other necessary Information. Remember that correct storage of your opened food bag is very important to ensure the quality and safety for your pet.We recommend that bags that do not come with resealable opening be emptied into a suitable container with an air tight seal.



Why your cat will love it
Cats love milk and we love to feed them a bowl of milk, but did you know; even though most cats love the taste of cow’s milk, most of them are lactose intolerant? Exactly why you should feed them Whiskas Kitten Dry, delicious Milky Plus Nuggets, giving kitty the goodness of milk with reduced lactose.

However knowing kitty, she’ll demand variety which makes Whiskas Dual Variety Kitten Pouches purrfect for finicky feline. She’ll love the texture and taste and definitely the hand that feeds her.

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