Montego Classic kitten Chicken

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  • Montego Classic Kitten is a highly digestible food with calcium and minerals to support strong teeth and bone growth.
  • The high-quality proteins derived from chicken and fish help to build healthy bodies.
  • Montego Classic Kitten has taurine in the mix which helps support good eyesight and a healthy heart function.
  • Contains L-Lysine (an essential amino acid) for healthy growth and bone development, L-Carnitine for increased fat metabolism and enhanced endurance; and DL-Methionine for Keratin (hair protein) synthesis.
  • DHA (an essential fatty acid that kittens get from their mother’s milk) and Choline support healthy cognitive and retinal development.
  • The right combination of proteins and fats will help your little kitten to develop healthy organs
  • 3% Fibre for digestive health: The combination of high quality, natural sources of both soluble and insoluble fibres, promotes optimal nutrient absorption and digestive health
  • The right amount of essential fatty acids and zinc supports healthy skin and coat.
  • Encapsulated fatty acids are added to the formulation to ensure that the stool odours and flatulence is reduced to a minimum
  • Balanced nutrition with antioxidants supplements a healthy immune system.
  • Contains the right amount of calories for proper body growth.
  • The kibbles are kitten size and are easy to chew
  • Contains highly digestible ingredients that enable your kitten to receive optimal nutrition.
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Kittens are active little pets. They are inquisitive and often wander. Give Nunu food to supplement her development and natural active lifestyle. Montego Classic Kitten is perfect for your little Nunu and also indicated for when she’ll be pregnant or lactating.

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