Calmeze Liquid for Dogs 250ml

R360.00 inc. Vat

Calmeze is a nutritional aid that reduces stress and anxiety in dogs and cats.

Calmeze acts to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress. In addition, Calmeze stimulates feelings of confidence and a sense of well-being to help pets cope. Over the long term Calmeze can also be used to assist with behavioural problems.



Caramel flavoured liquid which can be conveniently squeezed out onto food

Pack Size: 250ml

Short-Term Use for individual events

  • Kennels and cattery
  • Travel
  • Separation anxiety
  • Dog and cat shows
  • Hospitalization
  • Moving house
  • Weaning
  • New dog or cat brought into the family
  • Loss of a pet in multi-pet household

Long-Term use for Behavioural Problems and Medical Conditions

  • As an aid for behavioural problems in conjunction with behaviour therapy.
  • In multi-cat households where abnormal behaviour is evident.
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