The Mission statement that all AACL Inspectors strive towards is:

To prevent cruelty to any animal by thoroughly inspecting and investigating all environments in which animals find themselves, preferably educating and helping the public before arguments and prosecutions, except in cases of premeditated or deliberate cruelty. An inspector must act in the interest and welfare of all animals.

Each of the branches of the AACL has an inspectors department. The inspectors will on a daily basis deal with a variety of situations animals may find themselves in. We may attend to emergency rescues where an animals’ inquisitiveness or some unfortunate incident have landed it in a precarious situation or we may deal with an investigation where through the deliberate action of a person an animal may be in need of assistance.

The inspectors and their interactions with animals:

Cruelty investigations:

The inspectors of the AACL investigate thousands of cases every year of alleged cruelty every year. While a number of the investigations are not founded the majority of cases are and will lead to the inspectors educating the owners of the animals and therefor improving the situation for the animals. However, some investigations will lead to prosecutions in cases where there is severe or deliberate cruelty.

Emergency rescue’s:

The inspectors will on a weekly basis deal with situations where animals have ended up in some predicament whether through their own doing or an owner not paying attention to what their pets are doing. This can include from cats stuck in trees to dogs not being able to get out of storm water drains.

Routine inspections:

The AACL inspectors will routinely inspect establishments where animals are kept such as Pet shops, boarding kennels, grooming parlours, horse stables and security dog kennels. We will inspect the conditions they are kept in as well as their general health and that their welfare needs are met.
Monitoring of animals in entertainment:

The AACL is one of only four organisations that monitor the use of animals in the filming industry in South Africa. Over the last 25 years the AACL inspectors have monitored numerous productions from the little Dachshund in the Tastic advert to all the animals in Racing Stripes to the bugs used in Fear Factor. We have forged quite a close working relationship with the film industry to ensure the humane treatment of all animals and even insects when used in productions.

Johannesburg Inspectorate Contact Details

Tel: (082) 892 2776

Cape Town Inspectorate Contact Details

Tel: (021) 534 6426/7

Durban & PMB  Inspectorate Contact Details

Tel: (031) 736 9093

Port Elizabeth Inspectorate Contact Details

Tel:  (041) 456 1776

Ladysmith Inspectorate Contact Details

Tel: 076 151 1784

Bredasdorp Inspectorate Contact Details

Tel: 082 898 0787

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