Every year during firework season we receive many dogs and cats that have become confused and anxious and sadly escaped from their homes due to the fear caused by fireworks.  Statistically more pets are reported missing on nights with fireworks that at any other time of the year.

Please ensure your pets are microchipped or have clear identification and contact details on a collar tag.  Should your pet be microchipped, have you checked your details are correct with your microchip service provider.

As part of being a Responsible Pet Owner, the onus is on you as the owner to make sure that your pets are safe and secure at all times.

According to City of Johannesburg bylaws, fireworks are allowed on specific days, at specific times and ignoring the rules can carry a hefty fine.

Guy Fawkes Day 5 November
Diwali 4 November
Christmas Eve 24 December
Day of Goodwill, 26 December
New Year’s eve, 31 December
New Year’s Day, 1 January

Click here for Fireworks Bylaws

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