NEWS FLASH: The current outbreak of distemper, although effecting Pretoria, is spreading though out the country.

This disease is a reminder of our duty to be responsible pet owners and vaccinate our pets through the series of puppy vaccinations, to annual vaccinations and health checks. Even in these tough economic times, vaccinations should never be skipped as you place your pet at risk if it is exposed to common dog viruses like parvo and distemper and does not have the immunity to fight the virus. Fewer dogs recover fully from distemper with irreversible neurological signs and poor quality of life.

While all animals admitted into our care undergo a health check and are vaccinated, due to the highly contagious nature of both these diseases, and the suffering the animals undergo once infected, any animal in our care exhibiting symptoms of parvo or distemper and testing positive to the snap test, will be euthanased and not quarantined and treated. We cannot place the other animals in our care at risk, nor those of visiting clients, nor do we wish to adopt out any sick or potentially sick animal, causing heartbreak for the family and further suffering for the animal. While nothing is perfect in life and animals may already have been exposed to diseases or shedding viruses on admission, we will always endeavour to ensure our animals are healthy, minimally stressed and regularly checked by our veterinary staff.

Should you require further information please contact us on 011 435 0672 or