Armani, although only 3 years old, she has already shown she is ready for a new loving family dog. She was handed over to us for re-adoption in May 2020 and we have loved having her stay with us. She loves to chase her ball and playing hide and seek. When her handler offers [...]



Tina is a sweet 1½-year-old Collie type dog.  She was handed over to us when she was 6 months old back in October 2019, and she enjoys the regular training she receives from her handler. Tina has displayed enthusiasm for “herding” her toys and loves playing with other dogs. She can “focus” when receiving [...]



Thurmin is a very social 2-year-old German Shepherd type dog, who always welcomes a challenge with his training.  He can sit, lay down and stay on command, and remains focused even when there are many distractions around him. His handler often mentions that he sometimes thinks that Thurmin is part human. Thurmin has been [...]


AD- (7491)

Name: Unknown Age: +/- 6 Months Breed: Yorkshire terrier Sex: Female Size: Small Centre: Johannesburg Colour: Grey/Tan Live with cats: unknown Live with dogs: Yes Reference: AD- (7491) Date In: 21 September 2020 Description: I was found in Glenvista. As from 05 October 2020 I am up for adoption.


AACL JHB Important Notice 11 May 2020

Dear AACL-Johannesburg Hospital client, We apologise for getting it wrong this week with the confusion around our consultation telephone number and appointment system. As of Monday 11 May 2020 we will make both 082 892 2778 and 082 606 5708 available as hospital contact numbers with two staff members answering the numbers. All consultations, vaccinations, emergencies [...]



Name: Mug Age: +/- 2 Years Breed: Pekingese type Sex: Male Size: Small Centre: Johannesburg Colour: STan/White Live with cats: Unknown Live with dogs: Yes Reference: AAD- (6267) Date In: 20 February 2019 Description: I was found in South Hills.  As from 6 March 2019 I am up for adoption.

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