Gigi, arrived at AACL-JHB to be rehomed in September 2020. She is a sweet natured 9 month old Pitbull Cross who loves hugs and cuddles. She walks beautifully on a lead and enjoys playing with her toys. Gigi loves her treats and will sit when she is asked. She is good with other dogs, [...]



Levi is a sweet-natured, 6-year-old German Shephard Cross. He was handed over to us in February 2020 when his owner passed away. Levi is always ready to show affection and loves children and tummy rubs.He has mastered the basic skills of sit, stay, down and loves going for walks.



Armani, although only 3 years old, she has already shown she is ready for a new loving family dog. She was handed over to us for re-adoption in May 2020 and we have loved having her stay with us. She loves to chase her ball and playing hide and seek. When her handler offers [...]



Tolga is a loner, who loves to be challenged through his training. He arrived at AACL-JHB in April 2019 and is happy to be around people.He enjoys being walked on a lead and loves a good run before his training. Tolga listens and receives instruction well from his handler and has mastered basic skills of [...]



Thurmin is a very social 2-year-old Collie type dog, who always welcomes a challenge with his training.  He can sit, laydown and stay on command, and remains focused even when there are many distractions around him.His handler often mentions that he sometime thinks that Thurmin is part human. Thurmin has been with us since July [...]



Wolfie is 5 year old male, small Beagle/Daschund cross who was handed over to AACL-JHB in September 2019. During his 13 months stay in our kennels he has enjoyed training with his handler Sasha and is now able to, sit, stay, laydown and walk comfortably on a lead. Wolfie is very laid back and [...]

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