Adoptions Process Steps

Step 1: Property Inspection Application

Step 2: Submit Required Documents

Step 3: Payment


Before you continue, please note the following:

  • All potential adopters must understand and comply with their area’s municipal by-laws in terms of ownership/keeping of dogs and cats, or the adoption may not proceed.
  • If no written permission from the property owner and /or townhouse body corporate is given to tenants who wish to adopt a pet, the adoption cannot proceed.
  • If you are an AACL JHB hospital client and wish to adopt, the Chief Veterinarian will need to give permission first.

Step 1: Property Inspection Application

Please complete the following:

More than one can be selected.
0 - 2 / 3 - 6 / 7 - 12 / 13 - 18
Reference No. can be found in top right corner of our dogs and cats available for adoption on the website, Facebook page and Instagram.
PLEASE NOTE: ALL PROPERTY INSPECTIONS ARE SUBJECT TO A PROPERTY INSPECTION LEVY, WHICH IS NOT REFUNDABLE. Any person wishing to adopt an animal from the ANIMAL ANTI-CRUELTY LEAGUE will be subject to a property inspection before such person may take the animal home. Please note that no obligation will rest with the ANIMAL ANTI-CRUELTY LEAGUE to “reserve” animals for any person pending a property inspection, and that animals will be allocated on a first come first serve basis only.

Step 2: Submit Required Documents

Please Email or send via Whatsapp the below required documents to / 072 705 5460.

  • Copy of ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof that pets are allowed (either a letter from Body Corporate and/or letter from the Landlord should you rent).

By providing AACL-JHB with this information you hereby give consent to the AACL-JHB to process the personal information for purposes related to its services in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Step 3: Payment

The Johannesburg adoption rates are as follows:

Costs involved

Cats/Kittens R780 (Includes Identipet microchip and identity disc)
Dogs/Puppies R1210 (Includes Identipet microchip and identity disc)

If an additional vaccination is required at adoption R35 (Dogs) R35 (Cats)
If an additional Rabies vaccination is required at adoption R15
Property inspection around Johannesburg (non-refundable) R80 (0-40km)
Property inspection away from JHB (e.g. Pretoria) R100 (41+km up to 80km)
Property inspection away from JHB more than 80km to be quoted

Note: Payment for adoptions only to be made on the day of collection