We are so excited and immensely grateful that AACL Ladysmith has won the NP200 Bakkie through the Bravecto South Africa #FeedTheFurryNation campaign. The campaign was run for loyal Bravecto users to support welfare organisation.

This was planned long before the start of COVID19 but became even more important during lockdown, when welfare organisations lost most of their funding and demand was increased on them. It was heart-warming for the Bravecto brand to be able to help in this desperate time by donating half a million Rand’s worth of food, which amounted to around 23 tons of dog and cat food to shelters nationwide. From us all at AACL  would like to thank the vets, veterinary support staff and pet owners that supported this campaign and helped us make it a success.

#bravectocares @Bravecto.southafrica


#FeedTheFurryNation @AACLLadysmith