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Spring has sprung! Time to take action - mental and physical pet health!

A time of new growth, fragrant flowers, and generally a lovely season for all.  It is also, unfortunately, a season which sees the emergence of ticks and fleas.  Ticks carry a parasite known as Babesia in their salivary glands, which leads to the development of tick bite fever – a very serious disease which requires immediate veterinary intervention.  Fleas can cause allergies and discomfort and even infest your home.  To ensure your pets are kept healthy, it is important to treat them for these external parasites regularly. 

Hot on the heels of Spring, comes Summer...
Summer is a time of heat waves and loud and frightening thunderstorms in Johannesburg.  In the case of heatwaves, always ensure that your pet has access to shade and a cool place, with plenty of fresh drinking water available.
Thunderstorm anxiety is terrifying for a pet and heartbreaking for an owner to watch. Although dogs and cats can be afraid of fireworks, construction sounds, and even loud traffic, thunderstorms in Johannesburg are intense and can be extremely scary.
When thunder rumbles, animals do not understand where the noise comes from. They tremble, hide, pace and pant. In extreme cases, dogs and cats can make a frantic effort to escape. It is a terrible experience watching your pet cower in fear.
Should your pet bolt and escape the property during a particularly violent thunderstorm, or loud fireworks discharged, please make sure in advance that your pet always has proper identification.

Microchipping is the preferred form of identification for pets, it is a simple procedure and can be performed at any veterinary clinic or hospital and welfare organisations.  If your pet already has a microchip, make sure that your details are up to date with the relevant company. As an alternative, a dog tag, with your contact details, on a collar is an option.
If your pet has thunderstorm or firework anxiety, help ease its fear.

Give your pet a safe place to go during a storm. When pets are afraid, they go where they feel the safest – a kennel, the closet, under the covers in the bed.

Be cool during a storm. Consoling your pet when it is scared can reinforce his fearful behavior. Be present. Do not fuss too much. Distract it from the noise by giving your pet attention in the form of something he likes – throwing a ball, brushing his coat. Supplement the loud sounds with music or the TV.

Try a thunder shirt – This snug shirt wraps around your dog and applies gentle, constant pressure, similar to swaddling a baby. It can sooth some dogs into a calmer state.

Most importantly, ask your vet for help. There are many safe anti-anxiety medications on the market and your Vet will recommend or prescribe a suitable, safe medication to calm you pet.
To assist you maintain a happy calm and parasite free pet this summer, we are offering a 40% discount on Fiprotic Tick and Flea treatment and with every purchase we will add in 4 Free Calmeze tabs for your dog.

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