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Confirmed rabies cases in humans - SA 

Once again, the presence of confirmed rabies cases of both dogs and humans are in the spotlight. Sadly, many pet owners have allowed their pets vaccinations to lapse due to Lockdown. So please be vigilant and take a moment to check your pet’s vaccination cards and visit your local Veterinarian for their boosters if needed.

It is compulsory as in terms of the Animal Diseases Act 35 of 1984 that all dogs and cats over the age of 3 months be vaccinated against rabies in South Africa.

Rabies is a viral disease that causes acute encephalitis in warm-blooded animals, which can be transmitted from one mammal to another - including animals to humans - better known as a zoonotic disease.

As a viral disease in humans, the virus will spread through the human body to the central nervous system, progressive and fatal inflammation of the brain and spinal cord develops.
Approximately 97% of documented human cases are attributed to dog bites and can be prevented by vaccinating at least 70% of dogs in high-risk areas.
The good news is that rabies is 100% preventable through the vaccination of your animals.
Symptoms of rabies in animals:
Animal with rabies often show a behaviour change:
  • aggressive
  • vicious and
  • out of control.
This is true for the “furious” form.
Rabies can also present in “dumb” form, where the animal is not aggressive but appears:
  • non-responsive
  • depressed
  • drooling
Other non-specific symptoms:
  • Sudden change in behaviour – like ataxia (uncontrolled movement)
  • Chewing stones or strange objects
  • Gagging as if a bone is stuck in the throat
  • Paralysis of the lower jaw and tongue (can also affect the legs)
  • Loss of territorial instinct – animal wanders around aimlessly
When a domesticated animal suddenly becomes wild, or a wild animal suddenly becomes tame – rabies might be the cause.
If you suspect a dog has rabies, do not approach or touch the dog, contact your nearest private or state veterinarian or welfare organisation immediately to relay information about the dog.

Time to educate
As Responsible Pet Owners, we have the duty to educate ourselves through reliable sources about various topics relating to our animals, this includes rabies. We also have a responsibility to educate our children on how to act around and treat their pets and animals.  AACL-JHB has linked into the vision of the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) to end dog mediated rabies by 2030, with some of our staff members already having attended GARC community rabies educator course, this to better inform our community members and their children about this devastating and preventable disease.
What must I do if I get scratched or a bite from an unknown animal?
If you do get bitten (licked or scratched) on an open wound, by an unknown animal, you need to seek medical treatment asap. This is irrespective of the severity of the wound, as even the tiniest scratch that breaks your skin can result in rabies infection as the virus enters your body. Rather leave it up to a trained medical professional to determine whether you are at risk of rabies infection or not.

Rabies post exposure treatment consists of three critical steps to ensure that you remain safe and prevent unnecessary deaths from rabies:
You need to immediately and rigorously wash the area where you were exposed with soap and running water for up to 15 minutes. This will help to flush the virus particles out of the wound, reducing your likelihood of infection. However, this alone is not enough.
Immediately seek professional medical attention at your nearest health facility. Be sure to mention that you were exposed to an unknown or unvaccinated animal, and you are concerned about rabies. The health professional will do a risk assessment based on their professional knowledge to determine whether you require a vaccine or special rabies
antibodies (called rabies immunoglobulin, also known as RIG) to help you fight the infection. This is based on the severity of the wound and the history of your exposure. Importantly, you must seek medical attention as soon as possible. No treatment is effective once symptoms develop.
If the medical professional deems it necessary to provide you with a course of vaccinations (and possibly RIG), you must be sure to complete the full course of vaccinations. This means that you will need to return to the health facility to receive additional vaccinations. This is critical as only one vaccination is not enough to ensure your safety.
Although rabies vaccination for your dogs and cats is compulsory in South Africa, not all pet owners are aware of this legislation. 

Help us to eradicate rabies by 2030, by keeping your pet’s rabies vaccine status up to date.
State Vet:
Pretoria: 012 316 1600
Germiston: 011 821 7700
NICD Human Rabies helpline: 082 883 9920

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We are Live!
AACL™-JHB is excited to share with you our first ever online Animal Lovers@ART Charity and Lifestyle auction. This exciting and creative online fundraiser will be a celebration of Art and Animals.
Throughout the past 18 months, support to AACL™-JHB has drastically reduced as a result of fundraising events being cancelled and sadly, the financial constraints of our donors and supporters.
But we are not alone, South African artists have also been hit with hard times. In a bid to support each other, AACL™-JHB has collaborated with over 40 established and upcoming artists through our host Hester Carstens from Fine Art, to hold our inaugural Online Auction.
If artwork is not your thing, we have great lifestyle items available, including weekends away and cases of Poncrácz, items have been sponsored by; Ivory Manor Boutique Hotel Pretoria, DOTSURE.co.za, Poncrácz- Methode Cap Classique, Swagga Breweries, Agterplaas B&B Melville, Cheese Gourmet Linden, Ivory Tree Game Lodge Pilanesberg and Freddy and Friends.
The team from Old Johannesburg Warehouse Auctioneers and AWEH Auctioneers who specialize in antiques, art and fine collectables will jointly auction off these unique pieces on the night.
With over 150 Lots available, dozens of top South African and International Art Works are available the highest bidder at a fraction of gallery prices, including works from such artists as Glenn Josselsohn, Andre & Stef de Beer, Lucas Marais, Eric Sher, Garth Palmer, Giorgio Trobec, Isabel le Roux, Munro, Petro Neal, Janine Jansen van Vuuren and Shontell Moroder, to name a few.
The Animal Lovers@ART auction will open for pre-auction bidding on Tuesday 5th October 2021 with the actual online auction starting at 17:00 on 15th October 2021. Hester Carstens will host a pre-auction viewing of all the art pieces on Friday 15th October 2021 from 10:00 – 17:00 at 45 Bristow Street, Florida Park, Gauteng.
All funds raised through the donated piece of art and lifestyle items will assist us to continue in the care and protection of the animals in our community.

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