Media Release 02 May 2020

As South Africa moves from Level 5 into Level 4 of Covid19 Lockdown the Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg have adjusted their protocols and services to fall in line with National Disaster Management changes and advice from the South African Veterinary Association and South African Veterinary Council.

In light of these changes we have adjusted our protocol and will continue to adhere to strict hygiene and precautionary measures related to dealing with the virus, this will enable us to continue to offer services to the community and to safeguard our staff, our clients and ultimately our animals.


Please remember we are a Welfare Veterinary Hospital our financial and payment protocols will remain the same, we do not offer free services. Should you require welfare assistance and cannot afford a regular veterinarian, please bring a copy of your ID, proof of income (payslip etc.) and Proof of residence to ascertain that you qualify for welfare assistance.

All our services will be offered on an appointment basis ONLY, please call the below numbers to book an appointment. Please DO NOT block the lines by calling a number that has not been allocated to the service that you require.

Vaccination and sterilization appointments082 606 5708

Consultations including emergency appointments082 892 2778

AACL-JHB Hospital Consulting hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 09:00 am – 12:00pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sunday and public holidays: no consulting

Kennels: Stray and lost animals only: 072 705 5460

Animal Abuse and stray collection:  – 082 892 2776

All Animal Emergency clients must contact us on the relevant cellphone numbers for advice prior to arriving at our premises. Admittance onto the premises in all cases is at the discretion of staff at all times, adherence to our hygiene protocols are non-negotiable.

You will NOT be allowed onto the premises without a Mask on and no more than 2 people per car (one to drive the other to hold the animal). Only 1 person per animal may enter the hospital. Hand sanitization is compulsory. You will not be allowed on the premises if you bring your children. You will be required to answer a few questions prior to being allowed onto the premises. Our main gate will be closed at all time to enable controlled access.

Should you find a stray animal or have lost your animal please contact our Kennel office cellphone number for instruction. We will not be handling adoptions at this stage.

Upon arrival contact the relevant cellphone number for admittance onto the property – please respect our neighbour’s and do not HOOT. Should you not have made an appointment you will not be allowed on the premises.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind the public that we all have a responsibility to care for our animals and continue to be Responsible Pet Owners during the lockdown. For further assistance or to pledge a donation please contact us:

Thank you for your assistance and understanding during this time and please remember that if we do not work together and be responsible humans, we will all end up back in Level 5, so wear a mask, sanitize and respect social distancing!