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The Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL), has been protecting and caring for animals since 1956. It is South Africa’s second largest independent Animal Welfare Organization, relying entirely on the generosity and goodwill of the animal-loving public for financial support.

We are an organization that gets involved with all aspects of animal welfare: provide shelter for abandoned animals, promote an efficient adoption programme, prosecute animal cruelty cases, run welfare hospitals for lower income groups, visit underprivileged areas with fully equipped mobile clinics and regularly address schools and clubs on the challenges of animal welfare.

We have branches in the major centres of the country – Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Ladysmith and the farming area of Bredasdorp. Please note: The ANIMAL ANTI-CRUELTY LEAGUE its branches and/or Member Societies are NOT PRO-LIFE ORGANIZATIONS and are certainly not ANIMAL RIGHTISTS.


One of the rewards of adopting a rescued animal is that you are saving a life and giving a deserving animal a new home. At the Animal Anti Cruelty League we believe that life is better shared, and the best expression of this is to adopt a pet.


If you think someone is abusing animals, please speak up. Read on for more information about how to recognize and report cruelty in your area.


Becoming an AACL Member is a great way to show your support for abandoned, neglected, sick and surrendered animals. Our Membership program helps raise funds and awareness and means AACL is able to provide essential education about animal care and welfare. It also means we can provide programs and services to the indigent communities through South Africa, which can make a life-saving difference to both animals and their owners.

Membership Questions and Answers:

No, being an AACL Member is not the same as being a regular donor. However, both are incredible ways of supporting abandoned, neglected, sick and surrendered animals in South Africa.
By choosing to support a specific branch, your membership fee will be used to provide care and support for animals in need in that area. If you do not select a specific branch, your fee will be used to provide care and support for animals in need all across South Africa.
It is possible to transfer your membership to a different Province, although each Member Branch’s membership programs are run separately. If you do wish to continue to support animals in need, you’ll need to apply for transfer to the Member Branch in your new Province or closest area.
Each of the AACL branches have separately designed volunteer programs, however you do not need to be a member to volunteer at any of our member branches.


PAIA is legislation that creates the framework to the right to access information enshrined in section 32 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

PAIA is the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000. The purpose of this legislation is to promote a culture of transparency, accountability and good governance both in the private and public sectors.

PAIA Act, the PAIA Manual, the PAIA Form and the Access to Information Act.


Pursuant with a long standing agreement between the South African Veterinary Council and Animal Welfare Organisations, we do not treat private patients who do not qualify for welfare assistance. An Almonying system (Means Test) is in place and only those who pass this test will be treated at our Animal Welfare Hospitals

An Almonying system (Means Test) is in place and only those who pass this test will be treated at our Animal Welfare Hospitals


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