“AACL Johannesburg is very happy to report back on the success of their 2017 World Spay Day campaign, said Sister Cindy Price AACL’s General Manager. “This year, it had been decided to give back to welfare clients who had supported us through many changes over the past few years.  Dr Kathryn Knipe (Principal Veterinarian and campaign coordinator), had initially set a goal of 40 sterilizations to be undertaken on Tuesday 28th February.  However, due to the overwhelming response from clients, these 40 slots were soon filled.  So with the help of a locum veterinarian and 6 CCS veterinarians, we extended the World Spay Day campaign over four days, performing 14 sterilizations on Thursday 16th February, 21 sterilizations on Friday 17th February (where we sadly had one cat pass away post operation);  34 sterilizations on World Spay Day proper (28th February), and 24 sterilizations were undertaken on Wednesday 1st March.  In total, 93 animals were sterilized during our campaign, preventing hundreds of unwanted animals from being born.  The breakdown was 35 dog spays, 24 dog castrations, 17 cat spays and 17 cat castrations.”

Price complimented and thanked AACL’s dedicated hospital team of Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses, Animal Welfare Assistants, Orderlies and Front Reception Staff, for ensuring that everything had run so smoothly during the campaign.  She also thanked the locum Vet and the 6 CCS Veterinarians, who had assisted in the process and of course the clients themselves, whose loyalty to the organization is highly appreciated.