As the Western Cape is approaching Day Zero, please do not forget that your furries need water as much as you do.

+ Provide clean, clear water daily that is easily accessible to your pet. Keep your pet’s bowl filled at all times and always refill with fresh, clean water daily. DON’T give your pet greywater to drink.
+ Always put your pet’s water in the shade and NOT in the heat. Add ice to keep the water cool.
+ Remember to still bath your pet, you can use one small bucket of water to clean your pet with to protect them from ticks and fleas. You can also use dip, bravecto or ex-spot to prevent ticks and fleas on your pet.
+ Keep your pet cool by offering an ice pack or wet towels to lay on. Or give your pet some homemade frozen treats.
+ Be aware of signs of dehydration. How to check if your pet is dehydrated. Pick up a fold of loose skin over the top of the shoulder blades, pull it up gently and release. Watch for the skin to fall back into place. Is it slow to snap back? If the skin instantly snaps back, your pet is not dehydrated. If it’s slow then your pet needs immediate medical attention. If you are concerned please seek veterinary care.

For more information to keep your pet hydrated and healthy please contact Maryke on
If you see anyone not taking care of their pets water needs please inform our inspector’s department Ronel on or 021 534 6426.