On Sunday 26th February, after a week of incessant rain, the sun came out, there were clear blue skies and we found an ideal spot to set up our mobile clinic in a park behind a church in Sophiatown. This was to be our first outreach in the area and the seventh in the number of areas currently being serviced by AACL Johannesburg.

The day was a great success and we met passionate community members who helped to bring other animals through and who spoke to each other about the advantages of sterilization. It was humbling to experience the gratitude expressed by residents that day and we thank them for supporting the project. We saw 242 animals comprising 179 dogs, 31 puppies, 17 cats and 15 kittens. 199 dogs and 27 cats were vaccinated, and 186 rabies vaccinations were administered to the community’s animals on the day. 225 animals were dewormed, with 72 animals listed for sterilization. It was interesting to note that many of the dogs seen that morning were senior pets (over 7 years old) and in great condition. It was also of interest to note the high incidence of flea bite allergies due to the recent rains and the incorrect usage of tick/flea products. This aspect will form part of our education in the future and we will ensure that the community’s animals are regularly treated for ticks and fleas going forward. Thank you to sponsors Merial, Kyron Labs and Ascendis Health for their donations of Topspots which were used extensively throughout the day.

We also wish to thank Zoetis Animal Health for their donation of dog and cat vaccines for outreach and Cause4Paws, our collaborators in outreach, for paying for the balance of vaccines used. Zoetis also donated most of the deworming tablets used for the dogs. Cause4Paws did a tremendous job on the day by handing out the superb donations they had procured of bowls, collars, harnesses, leads and pet food and blankets, which the community were very grateful for. Thank you so much to the Cause4Paws team and to all the people who donated their time, including AACL staff, an AACL committee member, family members and friends who ensured the smooth running of registration tables, medical tables and the tick/flea treatment station, amongst other things! And last but not least, our sincere appreciation to Westdene CPF member Celia Mostert, who ensured that the word was spread before the day and engaged with the community who brought their pets through on Sunday.

AACL will be returning to Sophiatown on Mondays, every two weeks, starting on the 13th March.
For further information, please contact Sister Cindy Price on 011 435 0672 or E Mail her on genmanager@aacl-jhbnb.co.za