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  • This Mother’s Day do something extraordinary

     This Mother’s Day do something extraordinary with Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town

    Is your  Mother animal crazy? Does she love all things four legged?

    If yes, then this year give your mother a present that she will never forget.

    This Mother’s Day treat your mother with the gift of giving.  Donate just R250 to us and give your mother a present that will truly make a difference to a four legged friend. Your donation will get you a furry friend Mother’s Day Card and a certificate to present to your dear mom.  The donation will go directly to providing a vaccination and medical treatment to the pictured animal  in the card.  So your mum will know her gift is truly saving a shelter animal.

    Send  your proof of payment to , using MOTHERS DAY as a reference and immediately receive your Mothers Day gift in time to spoil your precious mummy.

     Call 021 534 6426 for any further enquiries.

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     AACL PRESS 700 x 757
  • Fundraiser - Cape Town

    Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town (AACL-CT) would like to invite you to its first-ever exhibition fundraiser at 6 Spin Street Restaurant in Cape Town.  The exhibition entitled 'Animal Heroes' will showcase photographs taken by local photographer Frank Pople, who volunteered his time and skills to promote awareness of the selfless 'heroes' of the League.


    The aim of this exhibition is to allow the general public to meet each person that has a role in animal welfare - highlighting ordinary people taking on extraordinary tasks. The photos play a part in thanking and admiring the heroes responsible for saving thousands of sentient beings annually - from the lady with a warm smile who washes hundreds of blankets, to the knowledgeable hands that save lives with a scalpel blade. Our heroes bestow compassion on those who need it the most - the voiceless victims of our society. 


    Be sure to join us on Friday 4th March at 7pm; R50 donation fee at the door. Raffle tickets will be sold on the night, with the opportunity to win fantastic prizes from some of the sponsors including Royal Canin and Warwick Wine.  Cocktails and canapes will be served from the restaurant with the evening set to the sound of good music. Cash bar will be available.


    All proceeds will go to Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town.

     poster proof 700 x 989
  • First puppy rescue of 2016! - Cape Town


    Little puppy souls land at our doorstep every day and every day we have to decide which furry soul we can help.
    This little GSD X girl was handed into Bellville because she has severe sarcoptic mange, which could have simply been avoided with the use of topical parasiticides.

    Our adoption officers took one look at her and knew she had to be helped. She is now called Mia and besides the skin, she is fairly healthy and we have discovered that she has the sweetest personality. She will be put onto a Royal Canin Skin diet and given a Bravecto tablet to hopefully get her back into good condition.

    We hope this little puppy soul will go from strength to strength and we hope to share her adoption story one day soon!

     250 x 150
  • Bounteous donation received for AACL Johannesburg’s Christmas Shelter Lunch

    Huge appreciation and gratitude to the Management and staff of Accentuate, FloorworX, Safic/lon Exchange and Manica for the exceptionally generous Christmas Hamper collected from their offices yesterday.  This is the second year running that we have been blessed with a donation from these companies and believe it or not, they actually exceeded the bounteous donation made last year, by quite a fair amount.   Our furry residents are in for such a treat this coming Sunday, when they will be able to dine like royalty, at a banquet fit for a king !  Thank you so much to all these wonderful people and to their good friends, Mr and Mrs Venter.  
     2015 12 02 11.06.09 700 x 467

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  • School Poster Competition 2015 Results

    School Poster Competition 2015 “Picture the Message: Be Kind to Animals!” Results

    We are very pleased to report that the competition is now closed and that the finalists can be viewed on the AACL Johannesburg Facebook page gallery.
    The adjudication has been completed and we want to congratulate the following prize winners:

    Category 1 (Grade 1 & 2):
    1st Prize: Iwan Pretorius (Kaleidoskoop Kunsskool / Laerskool Randfontein)
    2nd Prize: Kiana Kirtley (Kaleidoskoop Kunsskool /Laerskool Randfontein)
    3rd Prize: Danika Mulder (Christelle Pretorius Art Centre / L/S Roodekrans)

    Category 2 (Grade 3/4/5):
    1st Prize: Cheri van Niekerk (Kaleidoskoop Kunsskool / Laerskool Randfontein)
    2nd Prize: Zane Dutton (Kaleidoskoop Kunsskool / Laerskool Randfontein)
    3rd Prize: (Sharing): Divan Kuiper (Kaleidoskoop Kunsskool / Laerskool Randfontein)
    and Dwayne Van Heerden (Laerskool Havenga)

    Category 3 (Grade 6 & 7):
    1st Prize: Carla Vorster (Christelle Pretorius Art Centre / Laerskool Helderkruin)
    2nd Prize: Kristy Lowe (Rietondale Primary School)
    3rd Prize: Jenna Gericke (Christelle Pretorius Art Centre)

    Congratulations to all of you!
    Also to the merit prize winners, well done! Everybody who supports Animal Welfare is a winner! Thank you for all the support.

    Merit Prize Winners will be contacted soon to arrange for you to collect your prizes.

    School Prize Winner:

    The CANON Laser Printer prize (Valued at R7000.00) for the school which entered the most posters, was won by Laerskool Helderkruin. Congratulations and well done!

    We thank the following sponsors for so generously donating all the prizes in this competition:
    Simmonds Hampton Trust (1st Prizes in each category)
    Canon, Gold Reef City Theme Park, Nutriphase, Animaltalk Magazine, Martin & Martin (Beeno), Cartoon Candy & Build-A- Bear Workshop.
    Thank you so much! Without your support this competition cannot continue.

    Commemorating the AACL’s 60th Anniversary year in 2016, we also take this opportunity to announce the 22nd Animal Anti-Cruelty League School Poster Competition with the theme: Colour it Kind for Animals!
    More details to follow next year.

    Click here to view winners >>>>
  • School Poster Competition 2015 Finalists



    We are pleased to announce that the 2015 School Poster Competition “Picture the Message: Be Kind to Animals!” has now come to an end.

    More than a 1000 posters were entered into the competition.

    The following beautiful posters have been selected as the finalists in their respective categories.

    Congratulations to all of you!!

    Thank you very much everyone who supported this worthwhile project!

    Keep a look out, the First Prize winners will be announced shortly 

     To view finalists please click here >>>>>
  • Charity Golf Day 2015

  • AGM 2015

     agm 2015 700 x 477
  • Animal Anti-Cruelty League Christmas Shelter Lunch 2015

     christmas chelter lunch 2015 700 x 839
  • Celebrate Spring Week with Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg

     Spring week 700 x 958
  • Kudos to Budget Branding

    Kudos to Budget Branding for everything they have done for the AACL Johannesburg over the years. More recently, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of a rather wonderful lady named Vanessa. Vanessa very kindly agreed to help us with new branding for our Mobile Clinic Service / Outreach Programme. In a very short space of time, her team had taken our ideas and transformed them into eye-catching, state of the art, promotional applications and boy, we could not have been more impressed ! Thank you Vanessa and Budget Banners, from the bottom of our hearts, for the following items: banner wall; table and table cloth; gazebo; flying banners x 4; director chairs x 2; roll-up banners x 2 and pop-up banners x 2. Your support is immensely appreciated. 
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  • Outreach in Thokoza!

    We would like to thank the committee and supporters of Cause for Paws, who we have joined up with for an outreach day in Thokoza on Sunday 26th July.

    We will be providing the veterinary team while Cause for Paws will help with funding, distributing food, blankets, providing admin support, assisting with education and helping us with primary health care in this community. We will also be identifying animals for sterilisation and   collecting these animals for surgery on Sunday 9th August. We thank all involved from Cause for Paws and AACL for giving of their time and giving back to the community.

     1 600 x 852

    Thank you so much, on behalf of the animals we take care of:

    Staff at the AACL Johannesburg would like to express their deep gratitude to the many kind and caring people who came forward with donations and messages of support and encouragement, following the recent break-in at their premises.  “The far reaching response we have received has been overwhelming and we feel truly humbled by the generosity of the South African public” -  said AACL Chairman, Tony Guia.


    The Animal Anti-Cruelty League’s Johannesburg veterinary hospital has received a generous donation from Dr. Elmarié Wypkema, in the form of an ultrasound machine. Ultrasound machines are widely used in veterinary medicine to diagnose a variety of ailments within the abdomen of animals, by enabling us to visualise each individual organ in detail. As this technology is expensive, it has long been out of reach for welfare organisations such as the Animal Anti-Cruelty League, which operates by donations from charitable organisations and individuals. This machine will give us the opportunity to more quickly and accurately diagnose certain conditions, thus allowing us to initiate appropriate treatment sooner. Dr. Kathryn Knipe, principal veterinarian at the Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg, would like to express deepest gratitude on behalf of our clients and patients, whose health will directly benefit from this generous contribution to both Dr. Wypkema and Mrs Lesley McDaniel for facilitating the handover.
     1 009 600 x 450

    We thank all our supporters and the readers as we head through the half year mark and remind them to check that their pet(s) have shelter to protect them from the cold fronts currently being experienced in Johannesburg.

    Ideally for dogs outside, the kennel should be placed where it is not affected by the cold winds and receives maximum sunshine through the day. Pets should still be checked for ticks and fleas and vaccinated and dewormed if due. Collars and identity discs or microchips are essential all year around.

    Which brings us to the good news- our kennel office renovations are complete! Our spacious, warm kennel reception welcomes all our clients and if we are busy, there is a comfortable waiting area where we can catch up over tea or coffee. We will be stocking various pet foods, collars, leads and exciting new products for clients to purchase for their pets. We look forward to being of assistance.

    Our charity shop welcomes new and existing customers to view clothes, furniture, household goods and books in our extended hours. Our goods may not be new, but are reasonably priced and good value for money. Come and visit us Monday to Thursday from 8.30am-11.30am and 12pm -4pm (Fridays until 3.30pm) and every Saturday from 8.30am-11.30am. We also collect usable unwanted goods if you are cleaning out at home (though please note that we do not take computers, printers, fax machines or televisions.)

    Lastly, our fully fitted mobile clinic was delivered this week and our team will be visiting various needy areas every day during the week from 9am to 12pm. A nominal fee may be charged.

    For more information on these items or about the services that we offer, please feel free to contact the PRO, Heather Cowie, on (011)435-0672 or visit us at 59 Alice Street, Regents Park.


    ‘Fido’ a five month old puppy, was found on a dumpsite with a broken pelvis. At the time he was found, he was only three months old. When he came to us in March 2015, he couldn’t walk and it was very painful for him to move around.

    After a long stay in hospital and getting all the TLC a puppy needs, he recovered very well. Fido has since been transferred to Kennels and is now available for adoption. He is sharing his kennel with four other dogs and is a happy puppy.  Although he was a bit shy in the beginning, as soon as he gets to know and trust you, he becomes this happy and playful puppy. If you would like to give ‘Fido’ a second chance, please contact our kennel office for more information on 011 435 0672 during office hours.

     1 016 600 x 253
  • ERICA - 2015


    On 21 May 2015 a lady named Frieda requested that the Inspectorate department collect a stray dog in Maroko Street, Diepkloof, Soweto. When the inspector arrived there and asked where the stray dog was, Billy who was a resident, informed him that it was somewhere around. The inspector was immediately despondent as experience had taught him that he would be dealing with a scared, snappy dog that was probably going to run away when he approached it.

    He was greatly surprised that when Billy called the dog,  she came over to him immediately. She laid down and readily accepted the tummy tickle that was bestowed upon her. After talking to her for a minute or so she allowed the inspector to pick her up and carry her to his vehicle. An even greater surprise was when almost all of the hawkers, vendors and residents in the street on seeing that she was leaving came and insisted on saying goodbye to Eric as she was named by them.

    On seeing how fond everyone was of Eric, the inspector asked why it was a problem for her to stay there even if it was in the street, thinking that he would get her sterilised, return her with a kennel to sleep in and ensure that someone would take responsibility for feeding her. The answer was as surprising as finding this friendly well behaved dog. The residents feared for her safety as she was chased around by people who were not as fond of her and the small children were scared of her.

    Eric, now aptly renamed Erica, was brought to the AACL hospital for examination and cleared by the vet. She has been groomed and now shares a kennel with two other dogs. Wagging her whole body and making small whimpering sounds whenever she sees people, she is awaiting adoption and a second chance.

    After seeing the care and affection of people like Frieda, Billy and the other residents for this lost dog, it made the inspector realise that every now and then, situations that we stereotype have the potential to surprise you and give you renewed reason to believe in the work that you do.

    If you are interested in adopting Erica or any of her friends, please contact the AACL adoption staff for further information.

    For more pictures click here >>>>

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  • Great News

     DA 580 x 798
  • Animaltalk's Feed a Pet Campaign - April 2015

     We have been nominated as one of the beneficiaries of Animaltalk’s Feed a Pet Campaign –
    The success of this national campaign, however, will be up to you, the animal loving public! Please take the time to visit, click on the foodbowl, and share the link above. Thank you for your support.
  • Vote For Us!

    Vote for Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg

    From 14th April to the 22nd May 2015, all MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet supporters can vote for their favourite charity. The charity that gets the most amount of votes will receive a R70 000 cash donation, 2nd place R35 000 cash donation, 3rd place R25 000 and 4th to 10th place, will win a R10 000 donation. To vote for Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg,
    If you are not yet a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card holder, you can sign up for your card today and vote for us straight away. Signing is easy, just follow this link or visit for further information. By swiping your card every time you purchase goods at Woollies,, Engen and many others, a 1(one) percent of your purchase is donated to us. So vote for us today and encourage your family and friends to do likewise. Your support would be hugely appreciated.

     Vote4Charity MySchool A3 Poster 570 x 806

    Click here to vote: >>>>


    World veterinary day is a time for us to reflect on the amazing work done by veterinary professionals in the field of animal wellbeing, thereby improving life for all.

    With recorded history dating as early as 1900 BC, the profession of caring for animals has certainly come a long way. Today’s animal health care methods include not only the veterinarians we see when our animals are sick, but a plethora of additional professionals and expert staff. Additional to the care all these staff members offer to our furry family members, there are many other services they engage in to make our lives better. From research to laboratory work and even assisting in the care of livestock that will feed the nation, they each play a pivotal role in the balance of nature that supports us all. By managing diseases and parasites that can be transferred from animals to human beings, the health of the community is safeguarded. Vaccination of our companion animals against Rabies forms the cornerstone of keeping the human population safe from this fatal disease. Veterinary professionals form an active part of the food supply chain, not only by maintaining health in the animals used for food production, but also by monitoring the quality and safety of the final products such meat, dairy and eggs. Furthermore, veterinarians and animal health technicians are trained to provide support to farmers with regards to production, leading to better planned farming enterprises. This offers the opportunity for subsistence farmers to expand into commercial farming, uplifting individuals and communities.

    The advice given by your veterinarian comes from years of study and experience, with each new generation building on the knowledge and wisdom of the last. This means that veterinary medicine and techniques are cutting edge and very often compete with human equivalents.

    With all the hard work these professionals do we also have our role to play. By ensuring that our pets have up to date vaccinations and deworming, we can prevent them from getting certain diseases that can be life-threatening, such as parvo-viral enteritis and distemper virus infections.

    Sterilisation of our pets leads to a direct benefit for especially welfare organisations such as the Animal Anti-Cruelty League, in that there are less unwanted litters that need to be rehomed. Sterilisation will also decrease your pets’ need to wander and reproduce, leading to less injuries from fighting with other dogs as well as less chance of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. It also decreases your pets’ chances of developing cancers of the reproductive system, including mammary gland cancer. Transmissible Venereal Tumour is a viral disease of dogs that is transmitted during mating, therefore, sterilising your pets will also safeguard them against this infection.

    With a good diet (which have also been developed by veterinarians) our pets will live longer, healthier lives. Always feed your pet on appropriate diet for their body size and life stage. Never give your dogs bones to eat as they can perforate the intestine, get lodged in your dog’s mouth or throat and lead to severe constipation. Try to avoid feeding your pets table scraps and leftovers. If you are not willing to eat it yourself, the chances are good that your pet shouldn’t be eating it either. Very fatty and rich foods can lead to painful pancreatitis, associated with vomiting, diarrhoea and not eating. Dogs that are fed table scraps are also more inclined to be overweight, which places your pet at risk for a range of diseases, including diabetes and painful osteoarthritis.

    Control of external parasites on your pets will also go a long way to ensuring their health and comfort. Fleas not only cause an enormous degree of discomfort to your pet, but can also bite your human family members, lead to painful skin infections if your pet is allergic to flea bites and can cause worm infestations, as fleas carry the intermediate stages of tape worms. Ticks feed on your pet’s blood, potentially leading to anaemia, transmission of tick bite fever as well as painful bites. Regular dipping or application of an appropriate long-lasting treatment, will help prevent your pet from falling ill.

    We face the sadness of lost pets on a daily basis, with both owners coming to look for their lost pets as well as lost pets that are brought to us. Most will never be re-united with their families. By having your pets microchipped, you will be giving them permanent identification. This means that in the event of them going missing and being taken to a shelter or veterinarian’s practice, they can be traced back to you.

    Shelters such as ours are packed with unwanted pets. By promoting the message of adoption rather than purchase of pets from backyard breeders, many deserving animals will find a loving home. As mentioned, sterilisation of each and every pet in the household forms an integral part of curbing population growth amongst cats and dogs. Encourage your friends, family and neighbours to do the same. If we all work together, we can make a difference to the hundreds of lives that come into our care every month.

    Lets all do our part to build towards a better future for our pets, families and communities.

    Article Written by Dr Kathryn Knipe DVM 
  • Happy Easter 2015

     easter design 2015
  • Television crew visited the AACL

    On Monday 30th March, a television crew visited the AACL to capture various footage relating to animals, for an episode on the SABC 1 youth programme Bona Retsang.  Maraza, the producer/presenter of the show and cameraman Emmanuel, did a stunning job of filming interviews with AACL’s Senior Inspector Denton Infield and thereafter three Grade 12 learners from Verney College.  Inspector Infield, with his vast experience in animal welfare was able to speak with authority on important issues such as what constitutes cruelty, the laws protecting animals and the importance of treating animals with compassion and respect.

     Joāo Correira (Head Boy) and Suraya and Waldemar Silas of Verney College, are all animal loving volunteers at the AACL.  They really did the AACL and Verney College proud, as they were relaxed, articulate, sincere and passionate in front of the camera.  Very well done guys – one could easily be fooled into thinking you were all seasoned veterans at television interviewing !

    This episode of Bona Retsang will be broadcast on Thursday 16th April on SABC 1 at 4.00 p.m.   Don’t miss it !

    1 012 300 x 225 1 013 300 x 225
    1 021 300 x 225 1 030 300 x 225
  • From the AACL Hospital : Distemper

     1 004 375 x 281

    We are currently experiencing a large number of distemper cases at the AACL’s Johannesburg hospital in Regents Park.   This is a very serious disease and is contagious to other Dogs.

    There is no specific treatment for distemper, as it is a viral infection.  Most dogs do not survive the disease and either die, or end up being euthanased.  If the animal does survive the disease, it can shed the virus into the environment for a period of time, making other dogs susceptible to the disease.  It is spread through the air and through contact with infected bodily fluids.

    The signs of the disease to look out for are:  runny nose;  discharge from the eyes;  not eating and fever.  The dog may also develop vomiting and diarrhoea and have difficulty breathing, as well as experience muscle twitches and seizures.  The only way to prevent this disease is to vaccinate your animal before it is ill.  Puppies should first be vaccinated at 6 – 8 weeks and boosted monthly after that for another 2 (two) times.  Thereafter, they should be vaccinated yearly.

    If you are not sure whether your puppy has been vaccinated, it is most likely that it has not and you should take him to your vet to start his vaccination course as soon as possible.

    For further info, please contact Sr. Cindy Price at 011 435 0672 during office hours.

    Article written by Dr. Debbie Clayton.


     Charity shop 7 March 2015 700 x 709

    World Spay Day is traditionally the last Tuesday in February each year.  This year, Animal Anti-Cruelty League, Johannesburg will celebrate this important day on Tuesday 24th February and we invite our welfare clients to visit us before the date in order to book their animals in for a free sterilization on the day.

    The following conditions apply  :

    • You are an existing hospital client;
    • Your animal is vaccinated up to date and is checked by the vet at our normal consultation fee, before Saturday 21st February 2015;
    • Animals must be healthy and under 4 years of age; they must be free of disease, not pregnant, not on heat, not have one testicle only, not be suffering from any pathology of the reproductive tract;
    • The amount of sterilizations per family will be at the discretion of the vet
    • Only 30 places are available on a first come, first served basis, if the conditions have been met;
    • The veterinarian will make the final decision

    Sterilization ensures that pets live longer, healthier lives and make better pets.  It helps to reduce the risk of disease (e.g. mammary tumours, uterine infections), decreases aggression and reduces the number of unwanted animals born that end up in shelters or are given away to unsuitable homes where the problem of unsterilized animals will be continued.

    Sterilization makes good financial sense too, as money does not need to be spent feeding more animals than one can afford.

    We invite our hospital clients (those needing welfare assistance) to visit us during consulting hours, i.e.  Monday to Friday 09h00 to 11h00 and 13h00 to 15h30, Saturday 08h30 to 11h00.  Our standard consultation and vaccination fees will apply.

    A sterilized pet is a healthy pet.  Be a responsible pet owner and sterilize your animal.  For more information, please contact Sister Cindy Price on (011 435 0672) during office hours.

  • School Poster Competition 2014 "Give Us Hope" Results

    Last year rushed to an end with the closing date for the annual primary school poster competition, “Give Us Hope!” being extended until January 2015 because of the Post Office strike.

    We are very pleased to report that the competition is now closed and that the finalists can still be viewed on the AACL Johannesburg Facebook page gallery.

    The adjudication has been completed and we want to congratulate the following prize winners:

    Category 1 (Grade 1 & 2):              1st Prize: Keenan Pienaar (Laerskool Roodekrans)

                                                                2nd Prize: Zene Nel (Laerskool Randfontein)

                                                                3rd Prize: Alexia Smith (Laerskool Randfontein)

    Category 2 (Grade 3/4/5):             1st Prize: Carla Vorster (Laerskool Roodekrans)

                                                                  2nd Prize: Leo Mulder (Laerskool Roodekrans)

                                                                  3rd Prize: Anri Graaf (Laerskool Randfontein)

    Category 3 (Grade 6 & 7):                1st Prize: Kyla Verwey (Laerskool Roodekrans)

                                                                 2nd Prize: Elsjevon Briel (Laerskool Genl. De La Rey)

                                                                 3rd Prize: Madelein Venter (Laerskool Randfontein)

    Category 4 (Special Needs):          1st Prize: Thabang Lisejane (Albertina Sisulu Centre)

    Congratulations to all of you!

    Also to the merit prize winners, well done! Everybody who supports Animal Welfare is a winner! Thank you for all the support.

    Merit Prize Winners will be contacted soon to arrange for you to collect your prizes.

    Pic 1: Keenan Pienaar’s winning picture

    Pic 2: Carla Vorster’s winning picture

    Pic 3: Kyla Verwey’s winning picture

    Pic 4: Thabang Lisejane’s winning picture

    Click here to view winning posters >>>

    School Prize Winner:

    The CANON Laser Printer prize for the school which entered the most posters, was won by Trinityhouse Preparatory in Rand Park Ridge. They entered 350 posters! Congratulations and well done Trinityhouse Preparatory!

    013 570 x 380
     We thank the following sponsors for so generously donating all the prizes in this competition:

    Simmonds Hampton Trust (1st Prizes in each category)

    Canon, Gold Reef City Theme Park, Nutriphase, Rhino & Lion Game Reserve, Animaltalk Magazine, Martin & Martin, Cartoon Candy & Build-A- Bear Workshop.

    Thank you so much! Without your support this competition cannot continue.
  • Open Saturday - 7th February 2015

    After the success of the two Open Saturdays that we held last year, we have decided to extend our hours to 13h00 on the first Saturday of each month and to open the Charity Shop to the public as well.  You will be able to purchase clothing, furniture, books and many other items.  Our Hospital will be open to our welfare clients from 08h30 to 12h30; the Kennels will assist with adoptions of pets or the claiming of lost pets, and the Inspectors will be available to answer your animal cruelty concerns.

    Our first Open Saturday will take place on the 7th February.  Our Kennel Office will also hold a clearance sale that day on leads, collars, harnesses and other pet products.

  • School Poster Competition 2014 “Give Us Hope!”

    We are pleased to announce that the 2014 School Poster Competition “Give Us Hope!” has now come to an end. The closing date was extended last year due to the Post Office strike at the time.

    The following beautiful posters have been selected as the finalists in their respective categories.

    Click here to view posters

    Congratulations to all of you!!

    Thank you very much to every pupil and school who supported this worthwhile project!

    Keep a look out, the First Prize winners will be announced shortly 

  • Festive Good Cheer Towards Animals


    Today was a really good day for the AACL Johannesburg.  We met real life animal loving angels who had motivated the management and staff of affiliated companies Accentuate, Floorworx, Safic and Manica, to donate generously towards our Xmas Shelter Lunch 2014.  What awaited Miriam and Heather at their offices in Steeledale this morning, was absolutely phenomenal.  They had thought of everything that would enhance an animal’s Christmas Lunch!  All types of delicious pet food, bowls, toys, hooves, gravy pouches and even some blankets. What a wonderful variety.  We thank them all from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to them visiting us next year.    A very special thank you to Theresa McDonald and Melanie Potgieter, our real life angels, whose efforts certainly paid off.

     IMG 4669  IMG 4662
     IMG 4665  IMG 4666
  • Christmas Greetings 2014

     christmas greeting 2014 580 x 630
  • Friends of Vondi's

    vondis-FOV-event-invite-nov-dec-rev2 570 x 985 
     Friends of Vondis

    welcomes David Grier, in aid of Animal Welfare

    Date: 10th December, 7pm,

    Where: Vondis Shop, Sea Point  RSVP

    R50 Donation - All proceeds go to


    David Grier -- Inspirational Speaker, Celebrity Chef and Extreme Adventurer, gives us an amazing social-economic insight into distant and remote places where very few have gone before.

    Topic - " Lessons from my journeys, covering 4 of my biggest adventures.

    David’s relaxed manner, sense of humor and interesting take on life will keep you enthralled and wanting to make a difference in your life and in that of others.

    David Grier completed the first ever joint continuous run with extreme adventurer, Braam Malherbe, on the Great Wall of China, some 4000km in 98 days.  He has recently returned from an epic run of Cuba from North to South. Other extreme adventure accomplishments include:

    • Completing the world's hardest single stage mountain race of 128km, Le Grand Raid
    • Running across India, 2011/2012 (4008km in 93 Days)
    • Running across the island of Madagascar, 2010/2011 (2700km in 64 days)
    • Solo paddle from Africa to Madagascar, 2010 (500km in 11 days)

    David is also one of South Africa’s most accomplished chefs.  His restaurants became ranked in the top 100 in the country.   He has appeared in many cooking shows and now has an international television cooking series on the way.

    But it is David’s message of hope and ‘making a difference’ in peoples lives through change, positivity – the right attitude, recognizing opportunity and never giving up that is outstanding.  He draws from past experiences of overcoming adversities to deliver an inspiring and entertaining message.

    Miles for Smiles Foundation

    While running the great wall, I was constantly in awe of the beauty surrounding me.  The beauty of the planet and its magnificence, but constantly in the back of my mind was the reminder of the paradox, how can this beauty of our planet also be the home of such pain and suffering experienced by our children.

    Through the Miles For Smiles Foundation together with Operation Smile South Africa, over 1000 children’s lives have been changed. Our project has reached beyond our borders and the project has been involved in the following countries: South Africa, Madagascar, Swaziland and we are looking at Mozambique, Namibia and the DRC.
  • Open Day 29 November 2014

     Charity shop 580 x 587
  • Shelter Lunch 2014

     shelter lunch 2 2014 620 x 877
  • Fireworks 2014

    316171 AACL A3 Fireworks Posters-1 1776 x 2487 580 x 812 
    316171 AACL A3 Fireworks Posters-2 1768 x 2501 580 x 820 
  • Happy ending for “Gina” the blind cat

    We all know Gina’s story. This plucky little blind cat soon became a firm favourite with volunteers and staff alike at the AACL Johannesburg and whilst in our care, received a great deal of attention and love.  

    One of our clients, Mrs Brophy, visited in September 2014;  she had adopted two cats earlier this year.   Mrs Brophy was shown around and introduced to Gina.   Well it must have been a match made in heaven because a few weeks later Mrs Brophy phoned to say that she definitely wanted to adopt her.   Gina was booked into our hospital to be sterilized the following day and went to her forever home on the 1st October. 

    After four months in our care, Gina found her ‘purrfect’ forever home. Thank you Mrs Brophy. You are truly an amazing person for adopting a cat like Gina.

     gina 580 x 676
  • Stars of the Freedom Cat Village

    The building of the Freedom Cat Village was completed in August with the final touches early in September 2014.
    We are thrilled to announce that the first seven “Stars” to be quarantined, have all been successfully relocated to the Village and are settling in extremely well.  Before long there will be eleven “Stars” as it is a matter of time before four handsome little males join the family.

    If you are a cat lover, do come and spend time with the cats in the Freedom Village.  They lap up the extra attention and the time you spend in a relaxed environment could even turn out to be mutually beneficial!

    All the cats in the Freedom Village are available for adoption immediately. They have been vaccinated, sterilised, dewormed, treated for ticks and fleas and tested negative for Feline Leukaemia virus and Feline AIDS (1st test).

     Freedom village 570 x 440




    Due to the South African Post Office’s prolonged strike action, the Animal Anti-Cruelty League has decided to extend the original closing date (31 October 2014) of this year’s School Poster Competition until further notice.

    Those schools which are able should deliver their posters to the AACL Johannesburg, at 59 Alice Street, Regents Park, Johannesburg during office hours, until further notice.

    For more information, contact the AACL Education Officer, Johann Steenkamp on Tel: 011 435 0672 /

  • Marion College Linmeyer Grade 9 students 2014

    We were very pleasantly surprised by a visit from a  group of 38 Grade 9 students from Marion College, Linmeyer, this past Monday.  They very kindly arrived with a really superb donation of petfood which had been purchased out of the funds they had raised through holding a cake sale. Well done to all concerned and thank you so much for thinking of the animals we take care of.  The students, together with educator Mrs M van Rensburg,  thoroughly enjoyed a tour around the AACL Johannesburg’s premises and particularly loved spending time in the new Freedom Cat Village.

     IMG 4153 580 x 435

    Click here to view more photo's >>>


    We had a lot of fun at Petsday 2014 this past Saturday, despite the fact that there were less people than the previous year. Even that notoriously wicked wind usually present at Goldfields Show Grounds, behaved for a change  -   unlike last year when it whipped all of the sound equipment into the ethers before we had even held the Blessing of the Animals   !


    Thank you to the organizers, Etienne and Sabine, for all the groundwork in putting the event together.  Also, most sincere gratitude to Reverend Brian and Ronnie Magic and her inimitable W & G team.  We are so fortunate to have your unfailing support.   A rather nice surprise came at the end of the morning, when it was announced that there was a super donation of petfood for each animal organization there that day.  We would like to thank sponsors Hills Pets, Marltons Fish 4 Dogs;  Afgri;  Bob Martin and Montego for their spirit of kindness and generosity.

     066 2  091 2
     140 2  168 2
  • Paws Thru The Vine 28th September 2014 AACL Cape Town

    Paws Thru The Vine arrived on a cloudy but warm day at Eikendal Vineyards on the 28th of September. The dogs streamed onto the estate in abundance with their humans and they were all ready to go and explore the gorgeous setting that Eikendal had to offer. With the dam again being the hit of the walk, Walkers and their furry friends spent a glorious morning supporting Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town (AACL-CT) and its animals.

    With a special guest appearance from James Dalton aka The Bullet, the morning was set to be a success. Everyone got a chance to meet James and at the same time met some of our dogs looking for a home in the Strut Your Mutt Adoption dog show. James kindly helped us out by offering walkers some fabulous prizes from Royal Canin, Eikendal Vineyards and Absolute Pets.  Walkers also walked away with the beautiful Royal Canin Goody Bags which included an Animal Talk and Braintainment magazine, a Royal Canin Dog Toy and Voucher and an easy to use drinking bowl.

    To end the day the various members of the Western Cape Agility Club put on a little demonstration with some of their amazing furries, who wowed the crowds with their speedy tricks.

    With wine tasting available from the estate and food and drinks from Caturra, the day was made perfect by all the happy woofs and barks. Goodies were sold from AACL-CT’s charity shop and from Pet Box Mobile Store and Dog Care Center.

    AACL-CT raised over R 20 000 and up to 200 walkers walked their 175 dogs.  An exception turnout!!!  We thank you one and all for supporting the League on this fantastic day out. We cannot wait to do this again and make it bigger and better for you all next time.

    See you next year!!
     photo 21 photo 25
     photo 38 photo 56 
  • AGM Johannesburg Branch 25 October 2014

    agm 2 570 x 389

  • Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg/Bellavista outreach: 25th September 2014

    Thank you to Chief Inspector Jackson for approaching Julie Bezuidenhout of The Dog Club with the idea to provide an outreach programme for animals in the suburb of Bellavista and surrounding community.

    Julie agreed to offer her property as the base for the programme and through her network of staff, volunteers and local community, advertised this programme for Thursday 25th September, 2014. People walked from as far as Berea and Hillbrow to bring their animals for vaccinations and dipping. She did crowd control ensuring people were seen timeously, water was available for the dogs, collars, leads and food were handed out as necessary and helped to get people to understand the importance of sterilisation.

    Sr. Price checked all the animals before vaccinating (including Rabies vaccinations), and deworming the animals. All animals were in excellent condition, with only one dog with visible ticks on its neck and three with suspected mange which were referred to the League’s hospital for further examination. Thank you to Rulof for doing the paperwork and answering the client’s queries about the sterilisation package. The programme cost the hospital R2383.74 in vaccines and deworming. R150.00 was received in donations on the day. Thank you to all those involved in the successful day.

    Some figures from the day:

    1. Number of dogs seen - 50
    2. Number of cats seen - 2
    3. Vaccinations given - 48 (47 dogs/1 cat)
    4. Rabies Vaccinations given - 43
    5. Deworming given - 49
    6. Sterilisation queries - 19
    7. Other - 1 kitten checked, 1 dental suggested with sterilisation, 3 dogs with suspected mange. 2 advised to come in to hospital before vaccinating dogs.

    002 285 x 214 027 285 x 214
    005 285 x 302 017 285 x 299

    Sponsorship of future programmes like this would be welcomed as well as donations of vaccinations and deworming.

  • Petsday 2014

     p day 2014
  • Anal Sac Diseases in Dogs - By: Dr Cathy Reese

    The anal sacs are glands located near the anus (rectum) that produce secretions that are normally expressed during defecation.  The secretions from these glands are normally pungent (in fact, very smelly) and straw-coloured with brown flecks.  Anal sac contents may also be expressed in times of fright (producing a terrible odour in the area).

    Dogs are more commonly affected with anal sac disease than cats, and small breed dogs are more commonly affected with anal sac impaction than large breed dogs.  Older female dogs are more commonly affected with anal sac tumours.

    Types of anal sac disease include :

    • Impaction, which can lead to inflammation or infection of the anal sacs
    • Inflammation or abscess formation
    • Tumours of the sac or related glandular tissues
    • Scooting or dragging the anus on the ground or carpet
    • Frequent licking of the anus or tail base
    • Reluctance to sit or sitting asymmetrically to avoid pressure on the painful anal sac
    • Straining to defecate, difficulty defecating, production of ribbon-like stools
    • Painful swelling at the 4 o’clock or 8 o’clock locations around the anus

    What to watch for:

    Similar signs can be seen in dogs with a different disease called perianal fistula, a severe condition that causes draining tracts around the anus.  The breeds that most commonly develop perianal fistulae are German shepherd dogs and Irish setters.  Visit your local veterinarian should your dog display any of the above symptoms.


    Tails and Paws Pet Salon in Brackendowns is committed to providing excellent service to all their four-pawed customers,  including the free grooming each week, of a variety of ‘fur babies’ from the Animal Anti-Cruelty League’s Johannesburg shelter.


    Morgan Smith, an owner of Tails and Paws, had this to say: “My journey with the Animal Anti-Cruelty League began in 2013 when I volunteered to groom the doggies, as my way of giving back and helping these abandoned 4 legged friends. I do feel that it may help them find homes faster, as they get groomed to look spick and span again.  Now this happens every single Tuesday and let me tell you, I love every minute of it.  I show them as much love as I possibly can and hopefully, restore some of their faith in humanity.  Some days I still feel sad when they leave the salon, as I want to keep them all, but sending them back to the AACL Johannesburg puts my mind at rest in the sure knowledge that they are in very good hands and getting the best possible care.


    I feel that grooming the doggies alone though is not enough, so I decided to put a hamper together in order to raise funds for the AACL. The hamper, valued at R1200 was won by Miss Charlotte Sleith and I would like to thank her and all my other loyal and caring customers, for helping to make this small fundraiser possible”.


    Heather Cowie, Public Relations Officer confirmed the AACL’s appreciation of the kind assistance received each week from Tails and Paws: “Thanks to the love and devotion shown by Morgan and her team at the grooming parlour, our dogs come back to the AACL looking and smelling like ‘designer pooches’.  This obviously greatly enhances their chances of finding new homes, as they are able to put their best paw forward.  Extra special thanks to Tails and Paws and their clientele, for supporting the hamper fundraiser.”
    Tails and Paws prizewinner of hamper August 2014 246 x 380 
  • "Gina" The Blind Cat

    Gina” came to us in June 2014 as a stray and this is where her new journey started. The gentlemen who handed her in told us that she had been on an abandoned property for almost two months and he had tried a number of times to catch her.   Not only is she blind, she also has a deformed tail and deformed back legs.

    “Gina” was very dirty and underfed and when I picked her up she purred in my neck, as if she was asking me to help her.  I got tears in my eyes and wondered how she had survived for so long on her own.

    In the first photos we took of her, you can clearly see how dirty she was.  I bathed her a couple of days later.   After two months she is looking a lot better.   She is such a loveable cat, who just loves all the attention she gets from us.  If you are interested in adopting “Gina” please contact the AACL Kennels Department (011 435 0672).

    Miriam Bezuidenhout

    Kennel supervisor
     IMG 2933 285 x 214  IMG 2938 285 x 214
    007 570 x 428
  • AGM Cape Town 2014

     Annual General Meeting

    The Animal Anti-Cruelty League invites you to visit their Stand No 132 at WODAC.  We love being part of this exciting pet expo and look forward to seeing you there!


    The Animal Anti-Cruelty League in Regents Park, Johannesburg will have four open days a year on a Saturday and will be open to the public from 08h00 to 13h00.  Join us for our first open day on Saturday 5th July 2014.

    If you are looking for a new companion pet, our friendly kennels staff will assist you with finding your new best friend.  We have a wonderful selection of pups and kittens, as well as older pets that need loving new homes.  The adoption fee for cats and kittens is R275 and R500 for dogs and pups.  This includes sterilization, vaccination, three weeks of veterinary treatment post adoption, an identity disc and membership to the AACL for a year.  A microchip is also included for dogs and pups.

    Our inspectors will be on duty to answer your questions and take down details of cruelty, as well as carry out your pre-home property inspection for your new pet.  Our Welfare hospital will be open from 08h30 to 12h30 for our clients.  And last but not least, our charity shop will have a clearance sale with many bargains to be found, including great artworks.  Free tea and coffee will be available whilst you shop.

    We are situated at 59 Alice Street, Regents Park and look forward to seeing you. For further info, contact Cindy Price on 011 435 0672.

  • Torch Donations - Inspectorate

    The Inspectorate Department was approached towards the middle of April by the trainers of Curves in Meyersdal to assist a community of pensioners with their animals. All of the animals were intact and had external parasites, some of them had skin conditions that required treatment.

    When we did an assessment of the community we found 3 female dogs and 1 male dog, 1 female cat and 1 male cat. The animals were in fair condition but there was a problem with uncontrolled breeding. The Inspectorate Department made arrangements for the animals to be sterilised and on 28 May the last animal was sterilised. The residents also handed over 3 puppies and 2 kittens for adoption.

    As a token of their appreciation, the trainers from Curves through the generosity of Vicky du Toit from Die Blou Meul, donated 4 torches to the inspectors. The torches will help in their daily work.

    Thank you to Vicky from Die Blou Meul and Charmain and her team from Curves Meyersdal for the donation.

     004 570 x 428
  • Wheel Well Donation.

    On 8th and 23rd May, we received two wonderful donations of used car seat covers from Peggy Mars of Wheel Well in Randburg. They collect pre-loved car seats which they refurbish and the car seat covers can’t be used, our animals benefit.   The car seat covers have been used in our welfare hospital for the puppies in isolation, and for the cats and dogs recovering in hospital. With the chilly weather, the car seat covers have really proved to be invaluable as the patients are able to snuggle up in them.  (Peggy Mars, kennel puppy patient and Cindy Price with the donation of car seat covers; puppies in isolation; dog recovering from surgery)

     DSCN6972 600 x 462
     DSCN6970 600 x 492
  • Rosebank Collectables Fair

    On Sunday 25th May we attended the collectables market in Rosebank with some treasures from our charity shop. We had a good response and sold the telescope, guitar, clothing and jewellery. We have many other beautiful items for sale in our charity shop which is open from 8.30am-11am Tuesday to Friday. 

     DSCN6974 570 x 376

    A small team from Hogan Lovells spent some very industrious time with us this past Saturday.   They expressly wanted to help with the finishing touches to our Freedom Cat Village and got stuck in planting trees and flowers, equipping and cleaning the cubicles and even managed to spend some time playing with pups and kittens, before bidding us farewell.  Thank you and well done to everyone  -  you were all super stars ! 
     137 570 x 428
  • World Veterinary Day-27th April, 2014

    2014 will be the 14th year that World Veterinary Day has been celebrated.

    The day was started to highlight the contributions made by veterinarians to both the health of animals and humans.

    Animal welfare, food security and safety and the safe trade in animals and their products are related to protecting the publics’ health.

    Our veterinarians over the years have helped the organisation to implement its goal of care and protection of animals through education and primary health care. By highlighting the importance of regular vaccinations with health checks performed by veterinarians, animals get the best start in life to fight preventable diseases. By vaccinating against Rabies, the community’s health is also safeguarded. They educate the public about sterilisation of male and female pets, and thousands of unwanted pregnancies have been prevented with the health of the animals safeguarded through preventing cancers, fight wounds and transmissible viral diseases.  When ticks, fleas, lice and worms are prevented, the pet’s family and community health improves. This concept has been the theme of our R150 package project offered to low income households where a sterilised, vaccinated pet treated for internal and external parasites becomes a healthy pet, and a safe pet.

    We thank all our past and present veterinarians for supporting the organisation in its work started in 1956 and continuing through 2014 and beyond.  

  • Another successful volunteer course held.

    We had a successful volunteer course on 5th April 2014, with 18 volunteers attending. From the youngest to the oldest, we welcome them as part of our volunteer group at Animal Anti-Cruelty League. They were taught basic animal care of the pets in our kennels and cattery. We thank Julie Bezuidenhout (Committee Member and owner of The Dog Club) for helping the volunteers understand animal behaviour and how to work with animals. Our volunteer holiday camp will be held later in the year once details have been finalised.

     019 300 x 225  023 300 x 225
  • News from the hospital

    During March a client brought his animal in and all we could offer the poor animal was euthanasia asthe kindest option. The dog had had a skin condition (mange) since a pup and while the owner has tried at one stage in its life to treat the dog to get the condition under control, he gave up and left the dog to suffer. The dog had little hair as the mange mites had proliferated unchecked, bacteria had infected the skin and the dog had a miserable, painful life. This illustrates where our inspectors could have been involved had we been notified of the situation. We could have educated the owner, and prevented the dog from further suffering or we could have proceeded to prosecute the owner if he did not comply and we could have confiscated the dog. We need the public to help us prevent cruelty like this by reporting incidents where animals do not have food, water, shelter, access to veterinary care or the situation they find themselves in is perceived to be cruel.
     007 5
  • World Spay Day- 25th February, 2014

    On Tuesday 25th February, 2014, our Johannesburg branch celebrated World Spay Day by offering our existing hospital clients free sterilisation of their pets (terms and conditions applied).

    16 animals were sterilised on the day with the costs kindly sponsored by Routledge Modise (now Hogan Lovells). We thank them for their continued support.

     002 11
  • Vote for charity

     Vote4Charity Newsletter Insert A6 FACEBOOK
  • Mini Easter Collection Drive

     1484228 292463680903934 785800572 n
  • AGM 2014

     agm 700 x 477

    The Freedom Village in Johannesburg was conceptualized in 2013 with building starting in late 2013, with the help of a generous sponsor.  The opening will be held in early 2014.  The Freedom Village is an extension of the current cattery, allowing adult cats the opportunity of freedom in a larger area and interaction with each other in a closed community.  They will all be available for adoption immediately from the Freedom Village.  For an adult to be moved into the Freedom Village, strict veterinary protocols, including a period of quarantine will apply.  Only cats over a year of age which have spent a month in the cattery and are suitable for rehoming, will be considered for the Freedom Village.The Freedom Village has similarities to the cat shelter built at our Durban Branch, with the main difference being that our focus will remain on finding these cats new homes.  Pressure on our main cattery will be decreased, allowing us to keep our animals for longer and accommodating more animals during our peak intake periods. 

     006 320 x 240

    (The beginning of construction)

     001 320 x 240

    (The beginning of construction)

     056 320 x 240

    (Almost there  -  present status quo of Freedom Village)

     sg 320 x 240

    (Almost there  -  present status quo of Freedom Village)


    To give you an idea of our ultimate objective, here are photographs of our Durban branch’s cat shelter.

    DSCN6684 320 x 240 DSCN6692 320 x 240
    DSCN6691 240 x 320 DSCN6688 240 x 320

    But  in order to equip the Village, we will need your generous assistance,  Here’s a list of our requirements and anything you can do towards this, either with a monetary donation, or in kind, will be greatly appreciated.  All donors will be invited to the opening of Freedom Village (date to be advised) and their names engraved on a plaque in perpetuity, within the Village itself.

    Items still required for the Village

    • Concrete table and benches x 2 or alternative timber furniture made from recycled products
    • Recycled plastic shelves / benches for 8 cubicles
    • Pots for plants
    • Cantilever umbrella x 2
    • Hosepipe and connectors
    • Boom, dustpan and mop
    • Wall panel heaters x 12
    • Lavender, catnip and ornamental rose bushes
    • Fruit trees (lemon, peach)
    • Metal Shelving for the kitchen
    • Cat scratch posts x 8
    • Various cat toys which can either be used on the ground, or hung up for cats to play with
    • Litter trays x 16
    • Water bowls x 8 for cubicles
    • Food storage containers for dry food x 2
    • Brushes for grooming cats x 3
    • Cat collars in eight different colours x 40
    • Dry wipe boards which will be used to update information on the available cats to the public
    • Untreated gum poles x 6
    • Shadecloth x 5m

    Tree stumps -  if anyone has cut down a big tree, we could collect the tree stumps for the cats to sit on, scratch, play on, etc

    If you can assist with any of the above, please contact Heather Cowie on 011 435 0672 (press 3 for Public Relations) or E Mail:


    During December 2013 and January 2014, the Animal Anti-Cruelty League’s welfare hospital saw an unprecedented increase in cases of young dogs with Canine Parvo Virus (commonly misnamed ‘Cat Flu’). Puppies up to 6 months of age are especially prone to this disease.

    Dogs that catch this disease will die, if left untreated.  Even with treatment, they often do.   Most of the animals seen by the AACL’s hospital had had no vaccinations.  A few had only received one vaccination, and no follow-up boosters.

    After a puppy has been exposed to the virus, symptoms usually develop between 7 and 14 days later.  Initially the puppy will not eat or drink and when it does, it will result in vomiting.  The stools will change from watery to bloody, with a pungent odour.  Dehydration quickly follows and then death.  Prompt veterinary treatment is needed of intravenous fluids, supportive therapy including anti-nausea medication, antibiotics and other medications, depending on the status of the puppy.  It is a highly contagious disease for dogs, and is easily spread by people through contact with vomitus and stools, but also bowls, bedding, clothes and other items which have come into contact with an animal with the virus.  

    Due to the costly nature of treating puppies with Parvo, and the high/increased chance of them dying, euthanasia is often the kindest option to reduce their suffering.   Once you have had an infected puppy, the virus will persist in the environment for years.  Bleach diluted 1:30 can be used to disinfect the environment, including bowls, bedding and kennels.

    As a responsible pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the day you get a new puppy, its first visit should be to the veterinarian for a health check and vaccination.  Do not trust people who say ‘it’s had its shots’, if they cannot produce a vaccination certificate which has been signed by a veterinarian.  Do not leave it until it’s too late.  If you cannot afford the vaccinations, perhaps it would be better to find the puppy another home where it will receive the care it needs.  Parvo virus is a painful and deadly disease for young dogs and can only be prevented by regular vaccinations. 

    For more information, please contact your regular veterinarian, or our hospital on (011) 435 0672 if you are an existing client. 
  • Capricorn’s Journey With Us


    Capricorn’s journey with us started on 11 November 2009, when our inspectors brought her in as a heavily pregnant Staffie cross. Unfortunately, her pups were stillborn, but Capricorn quickly recovered and became a firm favourite with volunteers. She loved her walks and playtime with the volunteers, but didn’t like going back to her kennel and would quickly lie down in the hopes that this would delay the process. We always laughed when volunteers would have to pick her up and carry her the last few metres back to her kennel. Everyone had their own name for her ….. Cap, Caps, Capri, etc. We tried to introduce her to new dog friends, but she preferred to be single !

    Mrs Chan and her two daughters became volunteers with us in 2011. They fell in love with Capricorn and Mrs Chan said they would adopt her if no-one else did, but they already had another dog. When Mrs Chan’s dog passed away during December 2013, she decided to adopt Capricorn. This brought tears to our eyes when we finally said ‘goodbye and enjoy your new home’ to Capricorn.

     AD- 117 320 x 240  IMG 0079 320 x 240
  • Paws Thru The Vine

     4064 PAWS THRU THE VINE A2 poster 600 x 855

    Click here to download or print entry form

    Email completed form and proof of payment to : or Fax to (021) 534 5625. 

  • Renault Sports Club:

    On Saturday 7th December, 2013 members of the Renault Sports Club visited us in Regents Park, where they handed over a wonderful donation of food and some blankets.

    This donation will be used for the pets in our care, when we give them their shelter lunch on 26th December.

    The Club members were then given a tour of the facilities and questions were answered about our activities and the animals in our care. Without the generosity of supporters like the wonderful Renault Sports Club, we would not be able to offer the services that we do. We thank them for spending their Saturday morning with us.

     003 10 310 x 233010 6 310 x 233
  • IN MEMORIAM : MR NELSON MANDELA 18/07/1918 – 05/12/2013

    10 img 3423 480 x 738 

    Thursday 5th December marks the passing of a father to the nation and a world icon.  Mr Nelson Mandela, we honour and pay tribute to your lifetime and inimitable legacy. You showed us that there is always room for forgiveness and hope and that education remains key to the growth and development of our youth. We salute your greatness as a leader, and as a man who showed  compassion to both humankind and animals.  

    The Animal Anti-Cruelty League, Johannesburg

    Photo By Alf Kumalo


    The Animal Anti-Cruelty League JHB will be open during December, excluding the following public holidays :

    Monday 16th December     closed

    Wednesday 25th December     closed

    Thursday 26th December     closed

    Wednesday 1st January     closed

    There will be early closure on the following days  : 

    Friday 13th December     close at 12h00

    Tuesday 24th December     close at 14h00

    Tuesday 31st December     close at 14h00

    We thank all our clientele for their understanding and continued support.  For further info, please call AACL on 011 435 0672 during office hours.
  • MySchool Holidays

     MySchool Holidays newsletter insert
  • Trinityhouse Preparatory School wins the big prize for the most entries submitted - 2013

    Trinityhouse Preparatory School in Randpark Ridge could not have been more chuffed at having won the Canon colour laser multifunctional printer and a set of cartridges, valued at a whopping R12 599-00. CONGRATULATIONS and very well done Trinityhouse ! And our most sincere gratitude to CANON for their incredibly generous sponsorship.

    Mrs Adele Hermanson’s letter below, says it all !!

    "Good Morning, Johan

    We are delighted to receive the Canon printer as a result of entering your art competition this year. Mrs Karen Usher encouraged our Junior Primary children and every child submitted an entry. That means a total of about 400 entries from our school. Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to take part in the competition. As you know, animals are very dear to our children’s hearts and are always happy to contribute towards your worthy cause. Please find attached two photographs of our some of our excited Junior Primary children with the wonderful prize they have won for their school.

    We would also like to extend a huge thank you to Dana Eitzen and Canon for their generous sponsorship of the printer. You can be sure that it will be put to good use at our school.

    Kind regards
    Adele Hermanson
    Grade 4 Teacher- Trinityhouse Preparatory School , Randpark Ridge"

    DSCN5436 2 225 x 300 DSCN5437 3 225 x 300 
  • Santa Paws Day - Cape Town

     SANTA OFFICIAL 603 x 780


    On the morning of Monday 11th November, Mr Leon Digovich saw this mother and her pup running in a busy road near the Denver hostels. Fearing for their lives, he stopped and picked the pup up, whereupon the mother immediately came over to him and allowed herself to be picked up too. He then noticed a pustulant open wound around the mother’s neck and immediately brought them through to the AACL.

    The mother was anaesthetised and her wounds treated by the hospital team. It is suspected that the mother had been tied up with wire and that with the thunder storm on Sunday night, she had managed to break free, resulting in her and her pup wandering in the street the following day. Mother and pup are doing very well and while she is recovering in hospital, her puppy is sharing the kennel with her and appears to be unfazed by all the fuss.

    We wish to thank the public for their empathy and support and for assisting us in cases such as these.  Without the quick thinking of Mr Digovich, the outcome of this particular case may not have had such a happy ending.   It is also a lesson for pet owners:   that tethering a dog with a piece of wire, can over a period of time, result in penetration of the skin around the neck due to inflexibility, with subsequent chronic infection occurring.  This would obviously cause the animal extreme pain and distress, and would be tantamount to being slowly strangled.

     005 267 x 400


    We may have not come first this year, but could not be more pleased with our grand results at the Charity Mile held at Turffontein Race Course, this past Saturday.  Our beautiful horse, Killua Castle, came in third, winning us an outstanding amount of R50 000 !!  You have to agree  …………….  definitely  not too shabby an effort  !   

     image 1 300 x 225  photo 1 3 300 x 225
     photo 1 5 300 x 225  photo 1 6 300 x 225
    Our grateful appreciation must go, as always, to Peermont Emperors Palace, the Citizen, and Phumelela. Thank you for allowing us to once again be a small part of what is rapidly becoming one of the country’s richest and most popular races. Speaking as one of the sixteen extremely lucky charities this year, and for previous years, the odds are definitely stacked in our favour !
  • Pet & Me Expo 2013

    We had a great time at the Pet & Me Expo this past weekend. Our grateful thanks to the organizers for the opportunity and for the donation of pet food we were lucky enough to benefit from, due to the Guinness record attempt having been broken. Our sincere appreciation to all concerned, for this really generous additional bonus which is going to make such a difference to the animals at our shelter! 

    For more pictures please click Here >>>

     DSCN2432 300 x 225  DSCN5538 300 x 225
     DSCN2418 300 x 225  DSCN5570 225 x 300
  • Petsday 2013

    We had such a fun time at the Petsday Celebration held at Goldfields Kennel Club, this past Saturday.  Happy faces abounded, including the four-footed furry ones.  What a treat it was to see such a stunning assortment of dog breeds, all wagging their tails and thoroughly enjoying their day out.  Thank you so much Etienne and Sabine, for your commitment to animals and the hard work you put into organizing this event.  It was thanks to your efforts, that we were able to showcase our organization, network with like-minded animal lovers and even benefit from fundraising.  Thank you too, for arranging the sponsored pet food that we took away with us!   

    Our wonderful minister, Reverend Brian Oosthuizen, delivered the blessings to the animals in his warm and inimitable style.  Thank you so much Reverend Brian, for always being there for us and never letting us down.  We appreciate your support more than we can say.

    If you were not able to attend, make sure you tune into KYKNET Channel 144 on the 6 November at 17h30, when the event will be broadcast.

    For more pictures please click here>>>

     IMG 8625 300 x 225  DSCN2214 300 x 225
     DSCN2244 300 x 225  DSCN2202 300 x 225
  • Novartis Donation

    On Monday 16th September, Colin Deacon, Novartis Territory Manager dropped off 100 boxes of Milbemax for kittens and small cats. Sr. Price, AACL General Manager was thrilled to accept this donation from him. It was used the following day in Kanana Park where we started offering our services to the community. Some of the donation will also be used for our feral cat project and the rest for the cats and kittens in our care in the cattery.
    IMG 8406 300 x 225 DSCN2038 300 x 225
    DSCN2042 300 x 225 DSCN2045 300
  • Pets day

    Petsday-A5-02-front 300 x 422 Petsday-A5-02-reverse 300 x 421 
    403x403 AACL
  • School Poster Competition 2015

    School Poster competition 2015 Recovered 620 x 877

  • Dogs On Safari

    Dogs On Safari

    DogsOnSafari-AACL-Fb-milestone 650 x 311
  • 70's Xmas Morning Disco Party

    70's Xmas Morning Disco Party

  • Rabies

    Rabies has been in the news recently making it a disease that is still relevant and able to touch all our lives, even in our urban surroundings. It is fully preventable and all dogs and cats should be vaccinated at 3months of age followed by a booster between one and nine months later, with a booster vaccine every three years. This is according to the Animal Diseases Act, 1984 (Act No.35 of 1984.)

  • School Poster Competition 2012


    How to ENTER:

    It's so easy!  Proceed by:
    1.    Drawing/painting colourful & original posters depicting the theme for the year.
    2.    You may use any medium (e.g. paint/pastel/ink/crayon/etc.) on A2 or A3 paper only.
    3.    Please note: Posters which are copied &/or traced will not come into consideration for prizes!
    4.    On each entry clearly PRINT:
    • Your name & surname
    • Entry Category (1/2/3/4) & Grade (where applicable)
    • Your Age
    • Your e-mail address (For your personal invitation to the prize-giving)
    • School's name & e-mail address (For invitation to the prize-giving), and
    • Your own / the school's, telephone number.


    You can send as many entries as you whish, however please send a R5 donation for each entry.
    (Send a cheque / make a deposit / direct electronic transfer, for the total amount.) Please do NOT send cash in the post!
    This small contribution helps the AACL to continue caring for, and protecting animals.
    SEND or DELIVER your poster(s) to:
    P O Box 7
    59 Alice Street
    Regents Park
    to reach us by: TBA


    •  Prizes will be awarded during November 2012.

    •  Only prize winners/ schools with prize winners, will be notified.

    • Winners/ Schools are responsible for collection of their prizes from the AACL in Regents Park, JHB.

    •  Prizes which are not collected by 30 December 2011 will be forfeited.

    •  It is a condition of entry and is accordingly accepted by each entrant that the AACL shall have the right, at its own discretion, and/or its sole benefit, to use any entry for sale, publication, display, and/or reproduction, without resource of the originator thereof.

    •    The Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

    •    Get your entries in a.s.a.p.

    Looking forward to receiving many exciting posters from your school!!!

    Good luck!
    Johann Steenkamp
    Education Officer



    If you think you would enjoy a tasteful but comprehensive kaleidoscope of beautifully depicted pet portraits, then look no further.  This glossy coffee-table book is for you!

  • Latest Animal Toys

    Rubber and nylon toys:

    Example: bouncy balls, treatballs, Frisbees and Kongs.

    Use: good for teeth, bouncing provides chasing fun. Can insert treats, throwing games, some float in water, exercise you and the dog.

    Suitable for: Labradors and Retrievers,  working dogs and Border Collies.


    Vinyl and latex toys:

    Example: soft and squeaky toys. May glow in the dark.

    Use: Keep dogs amused that are used to and like different sounds.

    Suitable for: small dogs and light chewers.

  • Volunteering And Community Service

    Volunteering and community service at the Animal Anti-Cruelty League in Johannesburg.

    For many years, the Animal Anti-Cruelty League has offered a volunteer programme for children and adults wanting to spend time with animals.


    Volunteers (mainly children but adults are welcome) usually attend at least one volunteer course where they are taught the basics of handling and caring for animals. Adult volunteers are introduced to the organization through an orientation morning before starting to volunteer. Many people have thus been introduced to the work that we do but also played an important role in helping us to socialize (handling, feeding, bathing, brushing, walking) the animals in our care. Volunteers give of their free time when we are open and form an important part of our team.


    Children that need to perform community service for their school (for awards or as part of the life orientation curriculum) are also accommodated in this volunteer programme. We decided to rename community service for learners due to some negative connotations, to life orientation service, which also fits in with the concept of them growing as individuals during this time.

    After a basic orientation, life orientation learners are either utilized in the socialization of the animals, help with the implementation of the health programme or are utilized for various kennel projects.


    As each school has different requirements for its learners, we try to work out a programme to ensure that the time spent with us benefits both the learners and the organization.

    Life orientation learners have helped us to fix up our rabbit hutch, refurbish our puppy socialization course, repainted the food rooms, kitchens and cattery and spent many happy hours with the animals in our care. Many learners have also donated food, blankets and toys for the animals and gone on to become regular volunteers with us.


    Companies also need to fulfill certain social responsibility criteria and here we accommodate them on our corporate puppy socialization mornings tailor- made to their requirements. Some companies want to give back to the community of their own accord, or want to use this as a team building exercise. Here we accommodate them either in projects or maintenance or just socializing with the animals.


    Community service and life orientation service play an important role in our organisation by helping to spend additional time with the animals, and completing projects that we haven’t got around to yet. This service is also mutually beneficial as outside people are exposed to our work and the role that the organization plays in the greater community. Many people also grow in confidence as they are able to work independently, conquer any anxiety or fears they may have had about animals but still be part of a team.


    For more information please contact Sr. Price on (011) 435-0672 or

  • Corporate events

    Corporate Puppy Socialisation Course Programme.



    Our corporate puppy socialization course programme is growing! Are you and your team at work required to perform social responsibility? Do you enjoy working with animals and want to give back to the community with your work colleagues?


    We have hosted corporates since 2004 on our puppy socialization course programme, tailor making the day fun for staff and animals but also serving an important function in that our animals are socialized with other outside people.


    Last year we also hosted Hollardites on 18th July for 67minutes as part of their contribution. This year, we encourage corporates to start thinking and planning earlier as we will accommodate people throughout the week of 16-19 July. After all, 67minutes is about giving back 67 minutes anytime, not just on one day.


    We also work with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) who liaise with many corporate clients about giving of their time to assist us. On 23rd November 2011, we hosted Visa volunteers facilitated by CAF who enjoyed a glorious day with the animals.



    1-10 participants                R3000.00

    11-20 participants              R3500.00

    The programme includes welcome refreshments, bottled water during the course and a delicious snack lunch (Halaal/Kosher/Vegetarian requirements to be advised well in advance.)

    If refreshments are not provided by the AACL (and are supplied by the company), the cost is less R500.00.

    Each participant will receive a peaked AACL cap and one CD will be provided of pictures taken on the day.

    Gumboots and overalls are provided and participants receive a folder and certificate at the end of the day.

    Venue: Animal Anti-Cruelty League (Johannesburg)

    59 Alice Street, Regents Park Ext. Johannesburg

    Time: +_ 09h00-13h00 (weekdays only, Monday-Thursday)

    Bookings: Two weeks (14 days in advance)

    Course content: we are open, within reason, to adapting the programme to suit your requirements i.e a special theme, competitive edge etc.

    General breakdown of a typical programme:

    1. Welcome and refreshments
    2. Set up puppy food
    3. Harness and feed puppies
    4. Rotate through the following:  
      • puppy socialization course
      • Bathing the puppies 
      • Paint kennels/ Wendy houses/ rooms(storage/office)
      • Time trial/obstacle course
      • Chill zone
      • 2nd puppy socialization course
    5. Closing, awards and lunch.

    People who prefer cats can be accommodated if notified in advance.

    Please feel free to contact Sr. Price on (011) 435-0672 or for more information.


    As signed at Trinity College, Cambridge, August 1977

    In as much as there is ample evidence that animal species are capable of feeling, we condemn totally the infliction of suffering upon our fellow creatures and the curtailment of their behavioural and other needs save where this is necessary for their own individual benefit.