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  • Paws Thru The Vine

     4064 PAWS THRU THE VINE A2 poster 600 x 855

    Click here to download or print entry form

    Email completed form and proof of payment to : or Fax to (021) 534 5625. 

  • Renault Sports Club:

    On Saturday 7th December, 2013 members of the Renault Sports Club visited us in Regents Park, where they handed over a wonderful donation of food and some blankets.

    This donation will be used for the pets in our care, when we give them their shelter lunch on 26th December.

    The Club members were then given a tour of the facilities and questions were answered about our activities and the animals in our care. Without the generosity of supporters like the wonderful Renault Sports Club, we would not be able to offer the services that we do. We thank them for spending their Saturday morning with us.

     003 10 310 x 233010 6 310 x 233
  • MySchool Holidays

     MySchool Holidays newsletter insert
  • Trinityhouse Preparatory School wins the big prize for the most entries submitted - 2013

    Trinityhouse Preparatory School in Randpark Ridge could not have been more chuffed at having won the Canon colour laser multifunctional printer and a set of cartridges, valued at a whopping R12 599-00. CONGRATULATIONS and very well done Trinityhouse ! And our most sincere gratitude to CANON for their incredibly generous sponsorship.

    Mrs Adele Hermanson’s letter below, says it all !!

    "Good Morning, Johan

    We are delighted to receive the Canon printer as a result of entering your art competition this year. Mrs Karen Usher encouraged our Junior Primary children and every child submitted an entry. That means a total of about 400 entries from our school. Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to take part in the competition. As you know, animals are very dear to our children’s hearts and are always happy to contribute towards your worthy cause. Please find attached two photographs of our some of our excited Junior Primary children with the wonderful prize they have won for their school.

    We would also like to extend a huge thank you to Dana Eitzen and Canon for their generous sponsorship of the printer. You can be sure that it will be put to good use at our school.

    Kind regards
    Adele Hermanson
    Grade 4 Teacher- Trinityhouse Preparatory School , Randpark Ridge"

    DSCN5436 2 225 x 300 DSCN5437 3 225 x 300 
  • Santa Paws Day - Cape Town

     SANTA OFFICIAL 603 x 780


    We may have not come first this year, but could not be more pleased with our grand results at the Charity Mile held at Turffontein Race Course, this past Saturday.  Our beautiful horse, Killua Castle, came in third, winning us an outstanding amount of R50 000 !!  You have to agree  …………….  definitely  not too shabby an effort  !   

     image 1 300 x 225  photo 1 3 300 x 225
     photo 1 5 300 x 225  photo 1 6 300 x 225
    Our grateful appreciation must go, as always, to Peermont Emperors Palace, the Citizen, and Phumelela. Thank you for allowing us to once again be a small part of what is rapidly becoming one of the country’s richest and most popular races. Speaking as one of the sixteen extremely lucky charities this year, and for previous years, the odds are definitely stacked in our favour !
  • Pet & Me Expo 2013

    We had a great time at the Pet & Me Expo this past weekend. Our grateful thanks to the organizers for the opportunity and for the donation of pet food we were lucky enough to benefit from, due to the Guinness record attempt having been broken. Our sincere appreciation to all concerned, for this really generous additional bonus which is going to make such a difference to the animals at our shelter! 

    For more pictures please click Here >>>

     DSCN2432 300 x 225  DSCN5538 300 x 225
     DSCN2418 300 x 225  DSCN5570 225 x 300
  • Petsday 2013

    We had such a fun time at the Petsday Celebration held at Goldfields Kennel Club, this past Saturday.  Happy faces abounded, including the four-footed furry ones.  What a treat it was to see such a stunning assortment of dog breeds, all wagging their tails and thoroughly enjoying their day out.  Thank you so much Etienne and Sabine, for your commitment to animals and the hard work you put into organizing this event.  It was thanks to your efforts, that we were able to showcase our organization, network with like-minded animal lovers and even benefit from fundraising.  Thank you too, for arranging the sponsored pet food that we took away with us!   

    Our wonderful minister, Reverend Brian Oosthuizen, delivered the blessings to the animals in his warm and inimitable style.  Thank you so much Reverend Brian, for always being there for us and never letting us down.  We appreciate your support more than we can say.

    If you were not able to attend, make sure you tune into KYKNET Channel 144 on the 6 November at 17h30, when the event will be broadcast.

    For more pictures please click here>>>

     IMG 8625 300 x 225  DSCN2214 300 x 225
     DSCN2244 300 x 225  DSCN2202 300 x 225
  • Novartis Donation

    On Monday 16th September, Colin Deacon, Novartis Territory Manager dropped off 100 boxes of Milbemax for kittens and small cats. Sr. Price, AACL General Manager was thrilled to accept this donation from him. It was used the following day in Kanana Park where we started offering our services to the community. Some of the donation will also be used for our feral cat project and the rest for the cats and kittens in our care in the cattery.
    IMG 8406 300 x 225 DSCN2038 300 x 225
    DSCN2042 300 x 225 DSCN2045 300
  • Pets day

    Petsday-A5-02-front 300 x 422 Petsday-A5-02-reverse 300 x 421 
    403x403 AACL
  • School Poster Competition 2013

    School Poster competition 2013 615 x 870

  • Dogs On Safari

    Dogs On Safari

    DogsOnSafari-AACL-Fb-milestone 650 x 311
  • 70's Xmas Morning Disco Party

    70's Xmas Morning Disco Party

  • School Poster Competition 2012


    How to ENTER:

    It's so easy!  Proceed by:
    1.    Drawing/painting colourful & original posters depicting the theme for the year.
    2.    You may use any medium (e.g. paint/pastel/ink/crayon/etc.) on A2 or A3 paper only.
    3.    Please note: Posters which are copied &/or traced will not come into consideration for prizes!
    4.    On each entry clearly PRINT:
    • Your name & surname
    • Entry Category (1/2/3/4) & Grade (where applicable)
    • Your Age
    • Your e-mail address (For your personal invitation to the prize-giving)
    • School's name & e-mail address (For invitation to the prize-giving), and
    • Your own / the school's, telephone number.


    You can send as many entries as you whish, however please send a R5 donation for each entry.
    (Send a cheque / make a deposit / direct electronic transfer, for the total amount.) Please do NOT send cash in the post!
    This small contribution helps the AACL to continue caring for, and protecting animals.
    SEND or DELIVER your poster(s) to:
    P O Box 7
    59 Alice Street
    Regents Park
    to reach us by: TBA


    •  Prizes will be awarded during November 2012.

    •  Only prize winners/ schools with prize winners, will be notified.

    • Winners/ Schools are responsible for collection of their prizes from the AACL in Regents Park, JHB.

    •  Prizes which are not collected by 30 December 2011 will be forfeited.

    •  It is a condition of entry and is accordingly accepted by each entrant that the AACL shall have the right, at its own discretion, and/or its sole benefit, to use any entry for sale, publication, display, and/or reproduction, without resource of the originator thereof.

    •    The Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

    •    Get your entries in a.s.a.p.

    Looking forward to receiving many exciting posters from your school!!!

    Good luck!
    Johann Steenkamp
    Education Officer



    If you think you would enjoy a tasteful but comprehensive kaleidoscope of beautifully depicted pet portraits, then look no further.  This glossy coffee-table book is for you!

  • Latest Animal Toys

    Rubber and nylon toys:

    Example: bouncy balls, treatballs, Frisbees and Kongs.

    Use: good for teeth, bouncing provides chasing fun. Can insert treats, throwing games, some float in water, exercise you and the dog.

    Suitable for: Labradors and Retrievers,  working dogs and Border Collies.


    Vinyl and latex toys:

    Example: soft and squeaky toys. May glow in the dark.

    Use: Keep dogs amused that are used to and like different sounds.

    Suitable for: small dogs and light chewers.

  • Volunteering And Community Service

    Volunteering and community service at the Animal Anti-Cruelty League in Johannesburg.

    For many years, the Animal Anti-Cruelty League has offered a volunteer programme for children and adults wanting to spend time with animals.


    Volunteers (mainly children but adults are welcome) usually attend at least one volunteer course where they are taught the basics of handling and caring for animals. Adult volunteers are introduced to the organization through an orientation morning before starting to volunteer. Many people have thus been introduced to the work that we do but also played an important role in helping us to socialize (handling, feeding, bathing, brushing, walking) the animals in our care. Volunteers give of their free time when we are open and form an important part of our team.


    Children that need to perform community service for their school (for awards or as part of the life orientation curriculum) are also accommodated in this volunteer programme. We decided to rename community service for learners due to some negative connotations, to life orientation service, which also fits in with the concept of them growing as individuals during this time.

    After a basic orientation, life orientation learners are either utilized in the socialization of the animals, help with the implementation of the health programme or are utilized for various kennel projects.


    As each school has different requirements for its learners, we try to work out a programme to ensure that the time spent with us benefits both the learners and the organization.

    Life orientation learners have helped us to fix up our rabbit hutch, refurbish our puppy socialization course, repainted the food rooms, kitchens and cattery and spent many happy hours with the animals in our care. Many learners have also donated food, blankets and toys for the animals and gone on to become regular volunteers with us.


    Companies also need to fulfill certain social responsibility criteria and here we accommodate them on our corporate puppy socialization mornings tailor- made to their requirements. Some companies want to give back to the community of their own accord, or want to use this as a team building exercise. Here we accommodate them either in projects or maintenance or just socializing with the animals.


    Community service and life orientation service play an important role in our organisation by helping to spend additional time with the animals, and completing projects that we haven’t got around to yet. This service is also mutually beneficial as outside people are exposed to our work and the role that the organization plays in the greater community. Many people also grow in confidence as they are able to work independently, conquer any anxiety or fears they may have had about animals but still be part of a team.


    For more information please contact Sr. Price on (011) 435-0672 or

  • Corporate events

    Corporate Puppy Socialisation Course Programme.



    Our corporate puppy socialization course programme is growing! Are you and your team at work required to perform social responsibility? Do you enjoy working with animals and want to give back to the community with your work colleagues?


    We have hosted corporates since 2004 on our puppy socialization course programme, tailor making the day fun for staff and animals but also serving an important function in that our animals are socialized with other outside people.


    Last year we also hosted Hollardites on 18th July for 67minutes as part of their contribution. This year, we encourage corporates to start thinking and planning earlier as we will accommodate people throughout the week of 16-19 July. After all, 67minutes is about giving back 67 minutes anytime, not just on one day.


    We also work with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) who liaise with many corporate clients about giving of their time to assist us. On 23rd November 2011, we hosted Visa volunteers facilitated by CAF who enjoyed a glorious day with the animals.



    1-10 participants                R3000.00

    11-20 participants              R3500.00

    The programme includes welcome refreshments, bottled water during the course and a delicious snack lunch (Halaal/Kosher/Vegetarian requirements to be advised well in advance.)

    If refreshments are not provided by the AACL (and are supplied by the company), the cost is less R500.00.

    Each participant will receive a peaked AACL cap and one CD will be provided of pictures taken on the day.

    Gumboots and overalls are provided and participants receive a folder and certificate at the end of the day.

    Venue: Animal Anti-Cruelty League (Johannesburg)

    59 Alice Street, Regents Park Ext. Johannesburg

    Time: +_ 09h00-13h00 (weekdays only, Monday-Thursday)

    Bookings: Two weeks (14 days in advance)

    Course content: we are open, within reason, to adapting the programme to suit your requirements i.e a special theme, competitive edge etc.

    General breakdown of a typical programme:

    1. Welcome and refreshments
    2. Set up puppy food
    3. Harness and feed puppies
    4. Rotate through the following:  
      • puppy socialization course
      • Bathing the puppies 
      • Paint kennels/ Wendy houses/ rooms(storage/office)
      • Time trial/obstacle course
      • Chill zone
      • 2nd puppy socialization course
    5. Closing, awards and lunch.

    People who prefer cats can be accommodated if notified in advance.

    Please feel free to contact Sr. Price on (011) 435-0672 or for more information.


    As signed at Trinity College, Cambridge, August 1977

    In as much as there is ample evidence that animal species are capable of feeling, we condemn totally the infliction of suffering upon our fellow creatures and the curtailment of their behavioural and other needs save where this is necessary for their own individual benefit.