As a welfare we see bite wound cases on a daily basis. They can range from small superficial lacerations to severely complicated cases with terrible infections and soft tissue injuries. It is true that the initial visible wound might only be the tip of the iceberg, as was the case with this weeks patient, Bones.

Bones was attacked in his yard by a large breed dog that ran in from the streets. He sustained, what appeared to be only a superficial wound on the right side of his chest. His owners were extremely concerned and rushed him to our hospital. Upon examination it was clear that in fact the wound was not superficial but it had penetrated into the chest cavity and that multiple ribs were broken and intercostal muscles were torn. Bones required immediate surgery where the remaining muscle and ribs were sutured closed. Due to the fact that this was a bite wound and the extend of the tissue destruction the initial damaged tissue died off and he required a second operation. Muscle from behind his front leg was pulled over the injury in his chest. He also had to fight a terrible bacterial chest infection and had to undergo frequent chest drainage. 

Bones is a true fighter and he never gave up. It was again a joyful moment to reunite him with his grateful owners.

Bones’ case was an unique individual case and we love sharing these cases with you. Not all the cases are this complicated and regardless of the severity we are only able to treat them due to the donations we receive. As always we are truly grateful for each and every donation. Without your generous donations we would not be able to help patients like Bones pull through such a devastating injury. Thank you so much!

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