Inspire People to Care for Animals

AACL Annual School Poster Challenge 2017 Finalists

Thank you to all the schools and learners who supported this year’s campaign to make it once again a huge success. Not everybody can win a prize but you are all stars because by entering this challenge, you’ve shown how much you care about animals.

Close to 500 entries were received and it is no easy task to select the finalists and winners.

Each poster is adjudicated on:

  • The poster’s message
  • Artistic ability (Originality, creativity, skill, layout, use of colour and presentation)

We are delighted to announce the following finalists in the AACL Annual School Poster Challenge 2017! Congratulations!

Watch this space for the announcement of the first Prize Winners in each category!

The school winning the CANON printer will also be revealed shortly.

Category 1: Grade 1 & 2

Category 2: Grade 3,4 & 5

Category 3: Grade 6 & 7